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Street Fighter Anniversary Collection

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Street Fighter Anniversary Collection

Capcom / 2004-08-31

Fighting / Compilation

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Bonus Feature
Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Get ready to celebrate 15 years ofStreet Fighter™ supremacy. Street Fighter™ Anniversary Collection brings you the best of the best. This awesome compilation features Hyper Street Fighter™ II, a blend of five Street Fighter™ II games in one plus the arcade small hit Street Fighter™ III:Third Strike. Hyper Street Fighter™ allows you to mixand match characters from different games to create your own extreme dream matches. Prepare yourself for the ultimate collection of ultimate fighters.

HyperStreet Fighter™ II Key Features:

- Blends five games inone - Street Fighter™ II, Street Fighter™ II Champion Edition, Street Fighter™ II Hyper Fighting, Super Street™ Fighter II: The New Challengers, and Super Street Fighter II Turbo
- A vast selection of characters
- Gallery Mode –Access a collection of the various introductions, music soundtracks, images and character background information from all conversions of the Street Fighter II™ series

Street Fighter™ III:3rd Strike Key Features:

- GradeJudge System — Player’s performance is evaluated at the end of each match. Players must perform brilliantly to achieve a high grade
- Progressive Hit Frame System—This programming technique enables a morerealistic “Hit Frame” or “Collision Box” detection.
- Super Arts Move – Players choose one of the three Super Arts available to each character
- Parrying – Player’s perform a dodge move by pushing the direction button towards the opponent at the exact moment of opponent attack
- Leap Attack– Move allows players to attack an opponent who is performing a crouching block

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Hyper Street Fighter 2 - Play as Akuma
From the game selection screen -> Hyper Street Fighter 2 -> Super Turbo Mode.

From the Player Select screen move the cursor from Ryu -> T.Hawk -> Guile -> Cammy -> Ryu, and simultaneously press Triangle, Square, R1, Start.





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