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Simpsons Skateboarding

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Simpsons Skateboarding

Electronic Arts / 2002-11-13

Sports / Sports - Extreme


Game Details

The Annual Skate Tour has descended on Springfield, with a colossal top prize of $99 for the best local skate jockey. All your favourite Simpsons characters are hungry for that big prize payout including Homer (money can buy many peanuts!), Marge, Bart, Otto and Krusty and each have their own unique take on the most extreme of extreme sports. Grind your way across a skate-crazy Springfield littered with trickable objects such as ramps, quarter-pipes and rails from Springfield Elementary to Itchy and Scratchy Land. Each of the nine playable characters are voiced by their TV talent and with exclusive dialogue and 40 mad moves apiece, you can expect lots of laughs in and amongst the lip tricks. As with any self-respecting extreme sports game, Simpsons Skateboarding has more modes than Barney has chins including Skate Fest, Trick Contest, Skillz School and H-O-R-S-E.

Underneath the cute Matt Groening-style graphics and the fall-off-your-board humour lies a top skateboarding sim. Simpsons Skateboarding takes all the best things from other 'tricky' titles such as the balance meter, free-roaming, massively skate-able landscapes and madcap objectives and bundles them up in one big Krusty-stickered box. All this means is that Tony Hawk better watch out - because there's something big and yellow heading his way that smells vaguely of doughnuts.

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Reply #1

2004-04-09 00:00:00

HINT: if the game sead you got big air like 61 feet then your simpson skateboarder wil flas fuzzy and go into slow motion.

fuzzy on half pipe

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Go to the character select screen and HOLD L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and then put in a code below while holding these buttons

Get All Levels: Triangle, X, Square, Circle

All Skaters: Circle, Triangle, X, Square

All Boards: X, Triangle, Circle, Square

Bart with Big Head: X, Square, Circle, Triangle

Frink with Big Head: Square, X, Triangle, Circle

Lisa with Big Head: Square, Triangle, X, Circle

Frink Cool: X, Circle, Triangle, Square

Krusty Businessman: Circle, Triangle, Square, X

Otto in Shades: Square, X, Circle, Triangle

Wiggum Big Head: X, Circle, Square, Triangle

Wiggum Man Eater: Triangle, Circle, Square, X

Get $99: Triangle, X, Circle, Square

Get Fuzzy Skaters: X, Triangle, Square, Circle

Marge a Demon: X, Square, Triangle, Circle

Lisa Gangster: Square, Triangle, Circle, X

Bart a Gangster: Circle, X, Square, Triangle

Nelson Big head: Triangle, Square, Circle, X

Homer Big Head: Circle, X, Triangle, Square

Nelson a Ballerina: Triangle, Square, X, Circle

Homer in Tights: Triangle, Circle, X, Square




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