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3DO / 2002-06-18

Action / Adventure


Game Details

One minute you're living in a peaceful medieval land, happily wearing sackcloth and saying "Hey nonny-nonny" occasionally, when along comes a mad mage who unleashes an army of mutants, undead and steampunk creations on the realm. Bang goes the Morris dancing championships. Well it's time for you as the mysterious sword wielding, shape-shifting hero to polish your armour, dust off your spellbook and teach these creatures a thing or two about pain.

Shifters is a third-person hack and slash RPG set in a warped sword and sorcery world of medieval castles, Arabian deserts and steampunk laboratories. As you make your way through the three worlds, your character will need to utilise both combat and magic if he is to succeed against the evil. A vast array of weapons, armour, potions and spells can be found to aid you on your quest, and in true RPG fashion it's up to you to mix and match to find the combination that works best for you. Make sure you pack your Lycra trousers, because in true Incredible Hulk style you can shapeshift into over 24 different creatures from Beastmen to Terminator lookalikes, each with a bucket full of abilities specific to each form. As your character grows in experience (read - kills and maims), you can tweak his vital statistics - strength, mental ability, spirit, to further customise our hero into your perfect weapon. You can even meddle with your beast-form stats to ensure you get the best creature for the job.

Shifters takes the third-person hack and slash genre and mixes in the RPG staple of customisable character advancement and the unique ability to shift into a menagerie of beastly, magical and mechanical forms. If you're looking for more than your standard sword and sorcery fare, get your claws into Shifters.

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