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Resident Evil: Dead Aim

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Resident Evil: Dead Aim

Capcom / 2003-06-17

Survival Horror

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Game Details

A Deadly Game of Search and Pursuit

Join anti-Umbrella searchand pursuit team agent, Bruce MacGavin, as he encounters a new layer of Umbrella’s insidious activities. In this all-new Resident Evil first-person action-shooter, you must search, sneak and use battle moves to regain control of a sea-jacked cruiseship lost in the Atlantic. And should you find yourself trapped amongst hordes of zombiesand mutant beasts, your aim better be dead on … or you’re gone!

Game Features:

• An all newResident Evil story-line
• Firstperson, seamless navigation and combat
• Weapon upgrades as you progressthrough the game
• An intense blend of action and puzzle solving
• Sharp graphics and intuitive gameplay
• Guncon™2 light guncontroller compatible.(Also supportsDualShock 2 Controller.)

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