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Red Faction

THQ / 2001-05-21

Shooter / First Person Shooter

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Red Faction revolutionizes gaming with Geo-Modô technology, the ability to completely alter and destroy the environment in real-time. Combined with 5 controllable vehicles, 15 weapons of mass destruction and a setting on Mars in the midst of a deadly plague and rebellion, Red Faction sets the gold standard in next generation gaming! Become apart of the faction, the Red Faction!

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Reply #10

2011-05-22 00:00:00

I have read so many people saying these codes work for red faction ps2. They are lying i have imputed them every possible way and no dice.

Reply #9

2006-04-09 00:00:00

i have tried these cheats they dont work can you help

Reply #8

2006-03-31 00:00:00

The reason why cheats for the first red faction game did not work for the PS2 is because they knew an unlock everything cheat which gives you 100% of the secrets revealed the truth is the game is much better without the cheats because that is the way I play my PS2 games which provides more challenge I dislike using them even when I get stuck that's why I am the best at playstation games or if I can't get past a tricky part that's what makes videogames great. One of you posted a comment on what energy was and some of you said that cheats for Red Faction 1 were rubbish let me explain this to you.


Red Faction 1 came out in 2001 same as Max Payne I think on Sony PS2 which were 15 rated Energy is your remaining life if you ever played shooting games where enemies attack and the player gets shot his life bar shrinks and if he gets to the end of the health bar which is 0 he dies and you have to restart the level and that's what energy is its part of the videogames HUD on shooting games like HALF - LIFE or Soldier Of Fortune Gold


There isn't any cheats for Red Faction another tip came in recently I heard that if you complete the game under the Impossible Difficulty which is extremely tough to conquer enemies are more deadly trust me have a shot at it if you can but you won't even make it past the first level no one couldn't complete it even for the beginners its really a mode for profressionals but if you do manage to complete the toughest skill level of them all you could get some cheats unlocked but I wouldn't know if it does the trick or not some people played GOD OF WAR brilliant game but play it on god mode and you get killed on the first level by the hydra boss at the Aegean Sea If you need cheats for RED FACTION play RED FACTION 2 its much better than the first one and you get cheats for it

Matt Garrott
Reply #7

2004-12-09 00:00:00

These are Red Skills you need to learn throughout the game

You can use the rocket launcher to spot enemies they will show up as purple human figures so if you encounter four or five guards in the next rooms be ready for action and your weapon drawn.

Use the left analog stick to sidestep in the direction you want to if you keep doing it you dodge enemy fire

Keep Moving don't stand there in one place you do and Parker is history its harder to hit a strafing target then standing still means you made it to easy for the enemy don't use the left analog stick to strafe and attack you can't get hit this way another good reason is this

When you fight the mencenaries late in the game you would only encounter them with precision rifles but in the deeper levels from that they carry laser rail drivers these guns fire one blue laser trail which penetrates the walls and surfaces and they are dead accurate with them they even use the scanner on the railguns to search for you unless they are alerted you get hit by one rail driver attack and its game over for parker it kills you instantly goes right through you so thats why you got to keep moving to dodge that thing


Take out the rocket launcher Big Earl one you could scan for them through the doors in the complex level strafe left and right to avoid the rail driver attacks and kill them before they can fire the shot at you it needs to be done quick then go for the heavy machine gun armed ones keep moving shoot them and then precision rifle ones they carry fusion rocket launchers as well so use the same tactic for the rail driver ones kill them quick.

Hide behind a wall or column of your choice for this red skill and use the left analog stick to peek left and right in the direction you want to go it is an excellent way to get your kills

To build up Red skills you need to do your red faction game in Easy then you can try them out in
the more difficult modes



Easy - You only take lighter hits loose less amount of health and armour and guards are new recruits to you except for mencenaries armed with rail drivers it doesn't matter for the difficulty levels it always happens and you find more ammo for weapons

Medium - Slightly Harder now Parker takes more damage in easy and looses extra armour and health
guards are more skilled in the easy mode.

Hard - If Medium and Easy was a little bit straightfoward and you are looking for a professional challenge join them but remember they always agree its not going to be an easy thing

Impossible - This is real life shooting and its also the beginning of your ultimate Red Faction war

Red Faction
Reply #6

2004-12-04 00:00:00

I heard that you don't know what energy is do you want me to tell you Energy is something to do with cheats what he means is that he used an infinite health cheat which makes the player invincible basically but i agree with you those cheats don't work do you know why though its because he didn't get them from Xploder V4 cheat system and Action Replay 2 he made those cheats up so the fact was is that he was being silly these are the reasons why cheats don't work

The game won't accept invalid codes thats on that system PS2 or PC that unlock everything code on Red Faction does not work because the screen doesn't turn blue and it doesn't unlock all multiplayer levels so you can play all of them anyway

You tried the code a thousand times but they still won't work you need to do things the hard way like complete the game levels without the cheats

The Reason why those PS2 codes for Red Faction don't work for you is because that game has no cheats for it and Red Faction 2 has I give you some secrets that do work

Perfect Aim

This secret is called 100 percent accuracy to hit your targets with better aiming and a green cross will appear every time you press up on the
D-pad and the bullets will hit their mark one problem the enemy has an easy target because you can't move when you do this

The Ultimate Secret By Matt Garrott

do you want to score a really big secret
on Level 7 - Escorting Gryphon after you have beaten the Unbeatable suppression combot go to the area where he came from go up the ladders on the middle level and it will lead you up into an attic sort of area there are boxes here inside you will extra rocket packs and a rocket launcher

Extra Submachine guns and eight clips for the assault rifle and there is two shotgun shells and
more assault rifle ammo and its all found up here in the combots area but thats not all there is more go through the doors that are guarded by energy robots you find loads of ammo here and you get five medipacks and an enviroment suit and a sniper rifle three packs of rocket ammo and i think you should try this secret out its the ultimate secret you find in the whole game i also found the fusion rocket launcher in the chasing capek remember that dead guard you come across with the flamethrower well to the east you have to blow up the wall geo - mod through with it and you find this massive weapon in the large room connected to the passageway and three canisters i hope you find these are the ultimate secrets as well.

Just a Few Hints on what you might be facing later in the harder level watch out for the mercenaries some of them are equipped with those deadly rail drivers those weapons have you seen James Bond The Man with the golden gun well they are designed to kill anything in one shot my tactic keep moving when you fire at mencenaries its very easy for your foes to kill you if you stand in one place and that will be an instant game over with the enemy rail driver.

Matt Garrott
Reply #5

2004-05-09 00:00:00

go to badlands and then get the rocket launcher then star making a hole on the top of a building go until u reach the mittle then make a hole to the front get a sniper and snipe away.

best sniper shot
Reply #4

2004-05-02 00:00:00


Reply #3

2003-12-29 00:00:00

none of the cheats work

Reply #2

2003-11-14 00:00:00

whats energy

Reply #1

2003-11-14 00:00:00

that code for unlock everything dont work


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Game Hint:
Go on the lobby multiplayer level go to the top floor and start blowing a hole in the wall and then in the roof, jump in and jump on the roof when your up there there's a Fusion Rocket Launcher a raildriver and an amazing sniper spot !! so get up there an have some fun.

nifty wepons
and once again go to the lobby level, on the bottom floor there are some big stone pilas, go in between thees and there are some red revolution posters up, use a fusion launcher and fire at the sign, this will smash a hole in the wall and there are some nifty wepons just in side, ie flamthrowers. arnt i just the best!!!!!!!!!

in the multiplayer mode choose the towers level. to get out of the tower just jump over the ledge, and to get back into the tower just go to the wall underneath it and press R1 + R2 + O + X (press this 3 time to make a door apear)

Easy kills
Throw a remote mine on an enemy. If it hits, they will scream and run around instead of shooting you. Let them run around and eventually they will try to find guards. When they do, detonate the bomb to get two or more frags for one.

Unlock everything
At the main menu, hold select and press left, right,up, down, circle, triangle, square, x. If you enter the code in correctly, the screen will turn blue.

Badlands: Bottom of level
In this level, there are natural bridges over a giant pit which if you fall, you will usually die. Use the following trick to get to the bottom without dying. This will be difficult if you have more than two bots. It is recommended that you try this alone first. Find the rocket launcher that is next to a bridge. Go on the bridge and face the flat wall that leads to the bottom. At a 45 degree angle, start blowing holes downwards until you have almost reached the bottom. You now have to jump and try to make it into the first hole you created. .You will lose some health here from the fall. Once you are there, go backwards out of the hole and slowly drop down to the next hole. Repeat this pattern until you get to the bottom. Save at least 1 rocket so you can kill yourself -- the bots will not be able to get to you. This is difficult to do when playing against bots because of them shooting at you. Set the timer to 30 minutes. Take a lot of weapons such as the Rail Driver and the Sniper Rifle with you. Start blowing up the natural bridges from the bottom. Do not do it completely, but just enough to watch all the bots plunge to their deaths.

Blasted Canyon: Sniper hole
You will start in one of the two blue boxes on the sides. Use a rocket launcher to tunnel down. Take about two shots in the back, then down about two to three shots. After that, just shoot out the walls in front (that the windows on the blue gate objects are) until you see light. Peek out and you can see the level below your box. Note: You may die a few times before accomplishing this. In multi-player mode, select the Blasted Canyon level. When the game starts, look out onto the field and turn right at the wall. Get a rocket launcher and begin blasting the wall. Soon it will be large enough for you too fit in. Get inside, look down, and shoot a rocket (killing yourself). When you go back in, you should be under the floor. Begin blasting out some of the rock under the floor (killing yourself in the process.) After awhile you will have a cave under the floor. If you wish to make a sniper point, blast (under the floor) towards the field. You will soon see light, in which case you should blast open more until you can see the field. Note: Always bring a rocket launcher down with you, in the event you get stuck there is no getting out.

Getting health
When low on energy, kill worker doctors and even Red Faction men to pick up more health and Environment Suits.

Avoid detection
In the single player game, there are two locations where you have to be stealthy. One is when you pretend you are a businessman and the other is when you have to pretend to be a scientist. To make it easier to avoid detection from guards or other pedestrians, always look down or away from people. No one will learn your identity until you look them in the face.

Installation XJ5: Hidden pit
In the deathmatch Installation XJ5, you can get outside to the pit. Grab the rocket launcher and jump down, then turn left. Note the archway above. Blast a hole in the wall below the doorway and start building a tunnel straight to the open window. Just going to the archway above and blasting around the window does not work due to an invisible wall. Once you make the tunnel all the way through, you can look down into the pit below, If you drop down, you will always die. Turn to the left or right and blast a hole big enough to jump into (make the hole on the outside of the wall). Jump into the hole, then make another hole directly in front of you but down slightly. Now that you have made another hole, jump into it. Make sure the hole is not too far down, or you will die from the fall. Repeat this process until you have reached the bottom of the pit. Note: It is next to impossible to get back up once you are down there.

Ulimited Energy
At the title screen press and hold x for 5 seconds then start the game





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