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NHL 2003

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NHL 2003

Electronic Arts / 2002-10-01

Sports / Sports - Hockey


Game Details

Dynamic Deke Control: User-activated dekes give you full control of the puck

Game Breaker: Build enough momentum and the action slows in key moments -- feel your heart pounding while you go for goal

New Graphics and Animation Engine: NHL® action comes to life with all-new animations and stunning graphics

New Puck Physics and Goalie AI: The players and puck respond more accurately to your actions

More Cool Features: 4 game modes, Create-A-Player, real on-ice sounds, and dynamic camera work bring the NHL to your fingertips

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2009-04-20 00:00:00

GO TO CREATE A PLAYER AND ENTER THE NAME "Wayne Gretzky" case sensitive don't put in qutation marks

Reply #1

2005-12-28 00:00:00

*Eather eugeny or evgeny not sure

Go to make a player mode and type in these names to get that player, Type them in exatly how there written:

Adem Hall, Alfie Michaud, Barry Richter, Ben Simon, Kay Whitmore, Larry Muphy, Ty Jones, Xavier Delisle, Blake Bellefeville, Brad Moran, Brian Sutherby, Chris Ferraro, Corey Hirsch, Dave Morisset, David Nemirovsky, Derek Mackenzie, Eric Fichaud, Eugeny* Konstantinov, Greg Crozier, Greg Pankewicz, Guy Hebert, Jakub Cutta, Jason LaBarbera, Jason Zent, Johan Witehall, Mark Fitzpatrick, Marquis Mathieu, Martin Brochu, Matt Herr, Matt Higgins, Michel Larocque, Raffi Torres, Rene Corbet, Rich Parent, Rich Tabaracci, Sascha Goc, Scoot Fankhouser

There ya go 'Go Bruins!!!'


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Deke Controls
To perform dynamic dekes, a player needs a deke rating of 85 or higher. If you are controlling such a player, look at the control list below to see how to perform special maneuvers (moves listed for right-handed players. Reverse for lefties).
Drop Deke: Right Analog stick RIGHT, UP.
One-Handed Deke: Right Analog stick RIGHT, LEFT.
Put the Puck Off Skate Deke: Right Analog Stick DOWN/RIGHT (like southeast), UP.
One-Handed Deke Moving Puck Behind Skates: Right Analog stick DOWN/RIGHT, LEFT.
To perform shots off of dekes, move the sticks in the corresponding direction and click the Right Analog stick.

In Tight One-Handed Shot: Right Analog Stick UP/RIGHT, Left Analog Stick DOWN/LEFT.
Out Wide One-Handed Shot: Right Analog Stick RIGHT, Left Analog Stick DOWN/LEFT.
Shoot the Puck Between the Legs: Right Analog Stick UP/LEFT, Left Analog Stick UP/RIGHT.
One-Handed Forehand Shovel: Right Analog Stick UP/LEFT, Left Analog Stick DOWN/RIGHT.




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