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NCAA Football 2010

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NCAA Football 2010

Electronic Arts / 2009-07-14

Sports / Sports - Football

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Settle who’s number one in the college game once and for all with EA Sports NCAA Football 10. With the eyes of college football upon you, players begin their road to glory in a fully customizable career mode featuring player progression, and authentic college football atmospheres. Against your biggest rivals and during the biggest games, seize the day and bust out big-time performances week in and week out to make your case for winning the Heisman Trophy.

'NCAA Football 10' game logo
From controlling a player’s overall progression, to controlling the pace of a game, make an historic run for glory with NCAA Football 10.

All-New Road to Glory Mode
NCAA Football 10 focuses on you and your college career. Sprint into gameplay where you become a campus legend by building your skills, learning your playbook, dominating your rivals, making big-time plays in big-time games, and capturing college football’s ultimate individual prize, the Heisman Trophy. Use bonus points earned for solid performances to develop your skills, then continue on your quest to become college football’s biggest star.

New Super Sim
You'll never have to let a tough, fast series of downs get away from you again. Take full control of the pace of a game and play when you want to play. Simulate the action at any point, then cut in and take the reins when the game is on the line. Players can simulate a single play, quarter, half, or more.

See Your Name in Lights
Track your progress towards winning the Heisman Trophy and compare your school to the Top 25 teams in the country on an all-new NCAA Football 10 leaderboard.

Fun, Accessible Freshman Mode
Also, NCAA Football 10 manages your learning curves, while always keeping the action fun with Freshman mode. Anybody can dominate like an All-American with Freshman mode, featuring an easy-to-use playcalling system with simplified game controls and playbooks.

Get Better with Each Game
Every snap of the ball counts in your journey to become the best in the game. Use bonus points earned for solid performances on the field to develop your skills, then continue your quest to become college football's biggest star.

Super Sim in 'NCAA Football 10'

Super Sim control.
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College dorm room in 'NCAA Football 10'

College life fun.
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Freshman mode 'NCAA Football 10'

Freshman mode.
Progress tracking in 'NCAA Football 10'

Progress tracking.
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