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Mummy Returns, The

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Mummy Returns, The

Vivendi Universal / 2001-10-03

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Based on the plot of the blockbuster film, The Mummy Returns makes a zombie-packed appearance on PlayStation 2. As well as hordes of Pygmy-Zombies, you also have to contend with Warrior Mummies, Crocodile Mummies, and Mummified Baboons. There's even a twist in the tale, in that it's up to you to decide whether you engage in battle as a force for good or as a force for evil. At the start of each game you can select which character you wish to play - the good Rick O'Connell or the villainous Imhotep. Whatever role you choose, you must ultimately face the might of the Scorpion King as try to stop him in his attempt to take over the world. The action takes place across some amazing 3D locations, from the British Museum to the ruins of Hamunaptra. As Rick, you have a whole range of weapons at your disposal, including dynamite and guns; and you can also acquire the weapons of your enemies once you have defeated them. As Imhotep, you are able to wield a series of lethal magic spells like Soul Suck, the Anubis Roar and the devastating Curse of Death, that brings instant doom to your victims.

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2004-01-13 00:00:00

This game is top I like being imotep


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

As Rick O' Connell, successfully get to Ahm Shere and go to middle of the place. Then pause game play and press Up, Down, Left, R1, R3, Triangle. You will return to the level and your energy bar will go up and remain there.

Hint: Defeating The Scorpion King:
Let the Scorpion King to charge the pillars and hit his tail each time. Next, let him charge you again and attack from behind. Stand still until he gets mad and attacks with his super-slash. Run around behind him and hit his tail. When he drops, hit him in the torso. Repeat this process until he climbs the pillars again. He will attack again. Let him charge and attack from behind again. Wait as before, but longer. He will try to grab you. Move out of the way at the correct moment. He will get stuck. Hit his tail again, and then his torso. Repeat this until he climbs back up the pillars. Jonathan or Meela will bring the Spear of Osiris down and fail at trying to spear the Scorpion. Use the same tactic to hit his tail while he is stunned then get the spear and attack him.

Hint: Playing as Imhotep:
When you are Imhotep and find the Curse Of Death, do not bother wasting life using the curse on Bosses. It does not work.

Glitch: Walk on swamp:
When you are Imhotep, go to the swampy place in the jungle. For this part you will need to have to raised the block in the swamp. When you have jumped on to it (as Imhotep), use the Apis Spell. Run off the block and you will be walking on the swamp for a short amount of time. Note: Do not attempt this if you do not have much energy left. Also, do not use the Curse Of Death.





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