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MLB SlugFest 2006

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MLB SlugFest 2006

Midway / 2006-05-30

Sports / Sports - Baseball

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The most aggressive, arcade-style baseball game EVER takes MLB to the extreme in a larger-than-life style! MLB® SlugFest® 2006 heats up the field with towering home runs, hard tags, circus catches, home-plate collisions and outrageous abilities like turbo pitching, throwing bean balls, on-fire fielding and base running and the option of breaking-up double-plays by going in spikes high. Compete in Season, Playoff or Challenge Mode, and for the first time ever in SlugFest, use the create-a-Player feature to build your ultimate Sluggers and Flame Throwing Pitchers!

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2008-07-06 00:00:00

Whenever you are on offence pause the game and go to options and highlight game options and hit the X button. You can change the options during a regular game and also in season mode. So go down to fire and turbo and cut them on if you haven't already. Always leave those two on. Next, go down to trick pitches and special pitches and cut them on.wen you are in defence, leave the turbo on so whenever you are outfeild you can dive for the ball.Leave the fire on so if someone is smoking from the body, let him go to 1st or 2nd base. Do not ever purposely let him go to 3rd base. It increases the chances of that person scoring a homerun. Whenever the person is on 1st or 2nd throw a pickoff. It won't get him out. Stand on the base that the player is on and let him start hitting you. Eventually you will drop the ball. Sometimes it will go back to where you are pitching. If it does that to you then do another pickoff throw. If you drop the ball another player will get the ball for you if you are down long enough. Get your player or that player to turbo throw to the next base that the runner is running to. Then get him out. It works for me most of the time. For the trick pitches, you have to press the correct buttons in enough time. The buttons to do a trick pitch are located on the back of the instructional manual that came with the game when you bought it. If you lost the manual or you did not get one when you bought the game then just ask me for the buttons and I will post them on here. The special pitches are gained by striking out other people or just giving them strikes. Use this strategy to win easy games when you are in season mode or in quick game mode. This strategy works for me, I hope it will work for you too. I am undefeated on the game. 32-0 right now with the strategy. I promise, there are no other cheat codes that I have to win.

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