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Hidden Invasion

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Hidden Invasion

SVG Distribution / 2002-07-29

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

As leader of a special forces taskforce, your mission in Hidden Invasion is to head up the offensive against a dangerous alien threat. A familiar proposition to most gamers, but Swing! has succeeded in lending its game an edginess and atmosphere of pure fear as you come face to face with the enemy.

A fast-paced 3D adventure, this game blends elements of horror and sci-fi as you utilise a range of deadly weapon systems to thwart the alien advance. Featuring extremely challenging AI and dynamic difficulty levels that adapt to the development of the player, Hidden Invasion deftly combines cinematic stylisation with hardcore gameplay, as well as offering clever added extras, such as enemy pathfinding routines and intuitive controls.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Big heads and deformed bodies
At the title screen, press Left(2), Up(2), Right(2), Down(2). Start a game and all players and enemies will have big heads and deformed bodies.





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