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Eternal Poison

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Eternal Poison

Atlus Software / 2008-11-11

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

The world descended into chaos the day the demonic realm of Besek appeared. Creatures known as the Majin emerged, wreaking havoc and destroying everyone's way of life. They captured the Princess of Valdia and imprisoned her in their lair. Now, brave adventurers throughout the land have set out to explore the Majin homeland. Some wish to rescue the princess; some seek fame and glory; some merely want revenge. However, there are those who look to harness the Majin's dark powers, for it is rumored that deep within Besek lies the Eternal Poison, a legendary treasure able to make your deepest desires come true. Travel the paths of some of these adventurers, and as their tales unfold, you will discover the true meanings of romance, heroism, madness, despair, and betrayal...

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