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Dragon Rage

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Dragon Rage

3DO / 2002-03-01

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Who'd be a dragon? If they're not being shot full of flaming arrows, they're defending their treasure from thieving adventurers, or being blamed for the disappearance of every virgin in a ten mile radius. And that's on a good day. Dragon Rage's central character, Cael Cyndar, is a dragon who's dreaming of having a day like that...

Cael's ancestors were enslaved by Orcs, and now the entire race is on the verge of extinction. Now Cael, one of the last remaining dragons, is being suspended over a molten pit, moments away from a grisly death. This is where you come in, as you control Cael in his bid for freedom, and then try to free your brethren and save dragonkind.

With full flight capabilities and a variety of destructive attacks, controlling Cael is a breeze. A simple but involving game, Dragon Rage should be equally appealing to fans of both fantasy and shooting titles. Maybe being a dragon isn't so bad after all...

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