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Big Mutha Truckers

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Big Mutha Truckers

THQ / 2003-06-24

Driving / Sports - Racing

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Game Details

Ma Jackson, owner of Big Mutha Truckers, Inc., has announced to her four kids that she is callin’ it quits. Choosing the new owner of the company will not be easy though- Ma’s four kids are a difficult bunch. So Ma comes up with solution- “Trial by Truckin’”- whoever makes the most money trucking through Hick State County in 60 days- will take control of the company. It’s up to you to buy, sell, and swindle your way to a fortune. Can you truck 'n' trade your way to the top? There may be some sibling rivalry along the way (not to mention obstacles of other types…), but as Ma always says, "When it comes to business, family don’t mean squat!"


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Reply #2

2006-12-11 00:00:00

Go to options and go to cheats and enter Cheatingmuthatrucker as a cheat code. Do not worry about spaces or case sensitivity! It automatically unlocks every damn thing!!! :)

Unlock EVERY damn thing!!!
Reply #1

2006-12-11 00:00:00

Everything can be unlocked by going to the cheat menu and entering cheatingmuthatrucker......

Unlock Everything

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