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Aqua Aqua

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Aqua Aqua

3DO / 2001-01-01


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Game Details

AquaAqua™ takes the fast, frantic fun of puzzle play to the next level -- wet 'n wild! It's an addictive new puzzle game of strategy and control set in a fantastic liquid landscape.

Trap falling water by positioning pieces as fast as they fall, forming dams and lakes. Watch the weather -- if it rains too much, your lake will overflow and your water goes down the drain!

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Story puzzle and vs. puzzle modes: Successfully complete all lessons in training mode to unlock story puzzle and vs. puzzle modes.

Mesozoic Era: Successfully complete the Paleozoic Era to unlock the Mesozoic Era in story puzzle mode.

Cenozoic Era: Successfully complete the Mesozoic Era to unlock the Cenozoic Era in story puzzle mode.

Ancient Civilization: Successfully complete the Cenozoic Era to unlock the Ancient Civilization in story puzzle mode.

Hidden Future: Earn a "Master" rank in all four stages to unlock the Hidden Future in story puzzle mode.





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