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Ape Escape 2

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Ape Escape 2

Ubisoft / 2003-07-02


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Three hundred monkeys. One little mix-up. One gorilla of a problem.

Everyone knows the Professor is an awfully bright man. After all, he's invented all sorts of cool devices, like the Monkey Helmet, a brilliant contraption designed to boost the intelligence of the average primate. But he forgot to take a few things into account. First, that his well-meaning assistant Jimmy might not be the most responsible person to leave in charge. And second, that the marvelous Monkey Helmets might fall into the hands of a not-so-average primate -- the conniving Specter, a devilish monkey with schemes to take over the world. So when Jimmy accidentally boxes up some Monkey Helmets with the Monkey Pants he's supposed to warp over to Monkey Park, total mayhem breaks loose as Specter leads 300 riotous monkeys in a madcap monkey revolution.

Go bananas with wacky gadgets, funky vehicles, and zillions of unlockable items as you help Jimmy and his friend Pipotchi chase down 300 spunky monkeys and squash their plans for world domination. Be careful -- these little anarchists strut some serious attitude, and they're not monkeying around!

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2004-01-10 00:00:00

Skip a level first hold L1 then press R2 then press L2 then press x then press triangel then press x


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Play as Spike:
Successfully complete the game after finding all 297 monkeys. Highlight "New Game" at the main menu, then press L1 + Start to play as Spike from the original Ape Escape.





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