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WWF Smackdown 2

THQ / 2000-11-19

Sports / Sports - Wrestling

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Game Details

Licensed by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), this sequel to the popular WWF SmackDown has made several improvements upon its predecessor. There are now more than 50 wrestlers from which to choose, including the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Chyna. New gameplay modes include Ladder Match, Hell in a Cell, Casket Match, and Tornado Tag-Team Match. To mimic the TV show's format even further, plots are developed through cutscenes that feature the voices of the superstars. You can create your own wrestler or even a new pay-per-view event. Season mode includes more matches, events, and pay-per-view events than did its predecessor. It all adds up to a fast and furious virtual version of the real thing.

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Reply #10

2007-07-21 00:00:00

i used to know this cheat to get a lot of exp. for smackdown 2 in the area that you can pick who you like dislike matches your good or bad at there is a way to pick samuri knight things like that in a certain order when creating a caw but cant remember what the order is if anyone know holler at me

Reply #9

2007-07-01 00:00:00

choose a male wrestler that wears undies such as the rock, val venis.
choose a female wrestler for your opponent. while playing, try to get the female wrestler near the steel steps and attempt to pin her outside using Down+O. u will notice something.

Reply #8

2005-08-31 00:00:00

your hulk hogan cheat does not work

Reply #7

2005-08-31 00:00:00

the 3 way tlc code didnt work,,,plz get bacck to me on my comments

Reply #6

2005-08-31 00:00:00

the hulk hogan and dude love cheats dont the 3 way tlc doesnt work 2...if anyone noes how to get more characters plz email. me

Reply #5

2004-12-24 00:00:00

Does anybody know if there is any cheats for Smackdown not the second one the first one?

Reply #4

2004-12-24 00:00:00

Never mind my first post i found some cheats for the game, most of them are stupid.

Reply #3

2004-08-31 00:00:00

the best wrestlers for table matches are Y2J(jericho) edge ,d,von and bub buh ray

george lankester
Reply #2

2004-08-10 00:00:00

cheat to skip caree mode

Reply #1

2004-04-04 00:00:00

to unlock everything simply beat season mode for 6 years then everything will be unlocked


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Please help contribute to our WWF Smackdown 2 cheat codes page by submitting your own cheats, hints, strategies, glitches, faqs, walkthroughs and other content related to this game.


Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

on exabition select cage match, then select 2 player and use players of your choice . When the match starts get someone (brother) to clime to the top of the cage at the same time on the same side of the cage as you, when at the top both press X and you wil fall to the floor. To get back in you just walk up to the cage and press triangle.

Season mode bonuses:

Finish a month in season mode to unlock various bonuses.

Tag Team Table match:
Win the King Of The Ring event on the hard difficulty setting with either D-Von or Buh Buh Ray.Do Tag Team Moves, sent in by Yomo
Select normal tag match. Whip opponent into your corner and press down circle or up circle.

Hidden Superstars:
Play through season mode to have hidden superstars at the following special edition matches. Win the match to unlock them:

Shawn Michaels:
WWF Judgment Day (when he is a guest referee). You also may have to fight him in an Iron Man Match at Judgment Day.

Stone Cold:
WWF Backlash (when he is a guest referee).

Season mode bonuses:
Finish a month in season mode to unlock various bonuses.

Casket match: Opponent in the casket
When in a Casket match, press either Circle to Irish Whip or press X to beat your opponent into the casket. Once they are in the casket they will try to grab onto the side. Press X to use your normal attack to knock down and close the casket.

Hell In A Cell match:Get outside :
When in a Hell In A Cell match, to get outside you must dive into the side paneling in the center. To do this, press Square while running. Once outside, press R1 to climb to the top. Notice the center paneling is a different color once on top. Execute a powerful move on there and they will fall through.

Table match: Piledriver on the table :
When in a Table match, press O to Irish Whip your opponent onto a table. Then, press Down + O. You will execute a Piledriver on the table.

Table, Ladders, and Chair match:
Select a wrestler and go to the King Of The Ring event. After a few matches, you will fight in a Table, Ladders, and Chair match.

Two wrestlers on one motorcycle:
Go to create-a-stable and select four wrestlers. Set the entrance to "Motorcycle Type 4", then choose two wrestlers. When they enter the ring, two wrestlers will be on one motorcycle.

Tish Stratus' underwear:
Wrestle as Trish and have your opponent drop you in front of the camera to see that her underwear is red.

All Moves for Created Wrestlers:
In main menu hold L1 then type square, x10, triangle, x10, circle, x10 /start. To get all the moves for created wrestlers.

How to do the 3D with the dudleys + other double team moves.
wear your opponent down then throw them to your corner use D'von and press Up + O for the 3D and also try different directions different at teams too!.

On the great ladder match place the ladder outside the ring while your opponent is still in the ring then climb the ladder and it is easier to jump on them and it looks good and if you put your finisher as super power bomb and get them stunned close to the ropes with there back to the ropes then press L1 and you will powerbomb them out the ring happy wrestling.

After No Way Out u will get Cactus Jack.

Get a TLC match at King of the Ring and go into a TLC match (it will be in special). Pick Jeff hardy. Pick an opponent like Steven Richard's or someone crap, then place a table next to a ladder and put them on it. Be real quick climbing the ladder, and press X to do a Swanton bomb off the ladder and through a table! (Like at Royal Rumble) Or if you are more of a risk taker, place the table outside the ring this time, and place your opponent on it. Punch and kick them a few times, and be super-quick climbing the ladder. Press X to do a Swanton bomb or Down Circle to to the 450 off the ladder and if you're quick enough, they will nearly die!

To put someone through the announcer table:
Irish Whip them onto it and press Circle or direction Circle and they will piledrive or powerbomb them through it! Or put them on one, you climb on the other and press X or Direction X and if you're quick enough, you will put them through it!

To do Stinky Face with Riskishi:
Press Up Circle when they are standing in the corner! To do Matt Hardys Leg Splash, press Up X from the turnbuckle! In a 'Hell in a Cell' match, pick the Undertaker and go on top, get your opponent stunned and if you have a white light press L1 and Last Ride them through the top! But i don't know how to win a 'Hell in a Cell' match though.

How To Get In The Shower Room And the Boiler room.
To get in the shower room go to the room to its left. Once in whip the man you are against toward the left wall and a hole will appear in the wall with the red arrow.
To get in the boiler room stand at the boiler room door and the left here is a small section of mesh and whip the person you are against in to that and a hole will appear with the red arrow.

To get extra stars in Season:
keep playing and you get the following stars:
Backlash: Stone Cold. Judgment Day: HBK, King of The Ring: Billy Gunn, after Fully Loaded: Mean Street Posse, Before No Way Out: Debra No Way Out: Cactus Jack. Wrestlemania: Mick Foley After Wrestlemania: Michael Cole, plus you open WWF New York, TLC match, Tag Table Match, Iron man special ref and unknown stars!!!

Be the Dudleys in a tag match (you be buh buh ray)
through them into your corner (were D'von is standing press Down + O to do wassup.
Or be D'von and do the same but press Up + O you'll do the 3d

Unlock 3 way tag team tlc match:
be the hardy boys in a ladder match and beat the dudleys and then be the dudleys and beat edge and Christian in a table match and then be edge and Christian and beat the hardy boys in a hardcore match and then you have a 3 way tag team tlc match


A easy way to get a belt with only fighting the person with a belt/ go to rankings and instead of putting your name on one of the lists take the people off the list of the belt you want except the belt holder then put your name on that list and the belt holder and your name will be on the list go to exhibit and fight in a match against the belt holder and you will have his/her belt!!!!! THE BEST MATCH TO FIGHT IN IS THE CASKET MATCH TO GET THE BELT / PUT CASKET IN RING MAKE THE BELT HOLDER GO IN THE CASKET AND RAPIDLY PRESS Down + O OR Down +X


To do a rock bottom through a table, first go The Rock put opponent on table and press Left and O

How to get dude love:

go mankind in a season for 2 year then cactus jack for another 2 years then go mick foley in a season for 4 years. note: cactus jack and mick foley are won within the 2 years with mankind.


In Hell-in a-Cell and your just about to be put through the top hold L1 to prevent going through.


Chuck your opponent into the turnbuckle and make sure he is standing though and run towards him and press square while your quite near them and they will then be in the perfect position for a Moosault or a 450etc

Shower Room:

To get secret shower room go to locker and throw your opponent through the wall on the right, a hole will appear in the wall, go through it and you will be in the shower room!

Unknown's CAW parts:

Play through season mode and a random CAW guy named "Unknown" will walk by you backstage, later in the event you may have a match with him. After the event, his CAW parts including clothing and moves will be unlocked.

The shower room:

First you go on "Anywhere Fall" and choose any option, then go on "Rules 2" choose and your arena
as the "locker room",when you are fighting grab your opponant and smash them against the wall on the right and the wall will smash.

Unlock Hulk Hogan:

Create a PPV and call it Wrestlemania.For your main event have a special guest referee match between Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin and have Undertaker as the referee.While your playing your main event between HBK and Austin when the match clock is on 1:30 minutes Hulk Hogan should run down and attack the Taker.You will then be able to select him in other matches.


Rumor has when you complete the 6th year you will unlock everything(every character,mode etc...) if this works (which it should) you can create your favourite character again and again.

Buried Alive Match

Play with any wrestler on medium for 50 years in Career Mode. and You will unlock the Buried Alive Match. You can skip matches along the way.






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