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WWF Attitude

Acclaim / 1999-06-30

Sports / Sports - Wrestling

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Game Details

WWF Attitude is the smash follow up to WWF War Zone; the #1 Sports title for 1998! Over 40 of your favorite WWF Superstars like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, D-Generation X, Mankind, Kane, Val Venis, Ken Shamrock, Al Snow, Sable and many more are featured on this game! First ever Create Your Own Pay Per View Mode: Select 8 wrestler matches, Title Belts on the line, Specialty Matches and Authentic WWF Special Events, over 20 Game modes including all new Specialty Matches: LumberJack, Survivor Series, Triple Threat and King of the Ring, all new options include: First Blood, I Quit, 2 out of 3 falls, Iron Man, Tornado, Hard Core, Last Man Standing, Steel Cage and Weapons. Wrestle a full WWF season in all new Career mode: House shows to TV tapings like Monday Night Raw to the ultimate Pay Per View Event: Wrestlemania! With the All-New Create-a-Wrestler Options you can customize your wrestler's move sets by selecting moves from your favorite superstars. You can create your own costume including custom text on T-Shirts, trunks and jackets. Comes with All-New facial characteristics and custom theme songs. Action features include photo realistic polygonal wrestlers with real-life faces and 3-D environments, all-new motion captured maneuvers by the premiere talent in the WWF, over 400 moves including signature moves for each wrestler, trademark finishing moves and taunts unique to each wrestler, 2 man commentary featuring Shane McMahon and Jerry "The King" Lawler, training mode: practice maneuvers before you take on your opponent, surprise your opponents with all-new weapons (and some old favorites) including Vince McMahon's bedpan, baseball bat, shovel, TV monitor and more, and special cheats and codes.

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2004-04-02 00:00:00

they didnt work when i tryed it.

thank you


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Play as a Referee:
Win career mode as Stone Cold Steve Austin 

Big Heads:
Win the challenge with British Bulldog

More Girl Wrestlers:
Win the European belt with chyna and get more girl wrestlers

Cactus Jack & Dude Love:
After winning the "WWF Title" with Mankind, go to the character selection screen and enter: L2 or R2.

Head for Al Snow:
To get head for Al Snow you have to beat the WWF Challenge with Al Snow.

To get alternate costumes:
Go to the Wrestler select screen and press X for the default costume, hold 'L1' and press X for the second, Hold L2 and press X for the third, and for outfit #3 Hold down R2 and press X

To get the Hardy Boyz: 
Win Tag Team Career With Edge & Christian and You'll Get The Hardyz

To get The Referee at P.P.V. Events:
Win the WWF Heavyweight Title in medium or Hard Difficulty level

Table in a Hardcore match:
To get a table go on to the options menu and put language on everybody but it might not work all the time.

On career mode, if you get the European belt you will receive more costumes, Mark Mero, Kurrgan, Taka, big head mode, and the belt. After you receive the European belt, then you will have to get the IC Division belt. If you get the IC Division belt, you will receive Sable, Jaclaine, Chyana, Shawn Michel's, Slaughter, trainer, and the belt. After you get both belts you will have to get the title and if you get the title you will get head, beep mode, ego mode, and the belt.
On Career Mode, get the European Belt and you will get Sable, Marc Mero, Trainer, squeaky mode, and more custom stuff.

Get Stone cold on the career mode and win the European belt and you will get Shawn Michaels and Slaughter.

To get Sean Michaels HBK do a Career mode with Stone cold Steve Austin

How to get women with Triple hs voice:

First you Create a Female wrestler. Next go to Personality and make her music HHHs. Now when the Female Created Wrestler comes to the ring she will have a microphone in her hand and she will have HHHs Voice.
Note:To let her have HHHs voice go to options and make the music Teen not Everyone.

win king of the ring ppv and you will receive taka and gurrgan





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