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Valkyrie Profile

SquareEnix / 2000-08-29


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Set in the world of Norse mythology, Valkyrie Profile follows the tale of a young goddess who must gather the souls of fallen warriors and train them to fight at Odin's side.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Seraphic Gate:
Save in the final save point in the game, before the final Boss. When you reset the game, there will be a new option called "Seraphic Gate." It is a bonus dungeon that is separate from the game.

Character gallery:
Unlock 100% of a character's voice in the voice collection. Enter the voice collection section, highlight that character and press Square. Art featuring that character will be displayed.


Dimension Slip accessory:
When obtaining the Bark Of Dryaid in Nolsoft Swamp, keep it. Then, when obtaining the Transformation /Creation Gem, change it to get the "Dimension Slip" accessory.

Hard mode:
In Dark Tower of Zelva keep the Secrets of Resurrection artifact and then change it to an Orihalcon. Then, change the Orihalcon to get the Creation Jewel. Use this to obtain the Glare Sword, Icicle Sword, and Crimson Edge spear from Broken Armor, Book on Everlasting Life and Broken Spear respectively.

Best ending:
To get the best ending, you should keep your Seal Rating below 37. Factors that affect it include:

Transferring a character: +12
Recruiting a character: -2
Not wearing Nibelungen Ring during Sacred Phase: -2
Going to weeping Lily Valley, Valkyrie's Graveyard: -15
Meeting Lucian in Gerabellum before you recruit him: -15
Meeting Brahms at his Castle: -15
Meet and defeat Lezard Valeth at Chapter 4: -15
Recruiting Mystina: -15 (only if you defeat Lezard at C.4)
Recruiting Lucian: -20

To get an "A" ending, do the following.

Note from start of game up to Chapter 4
Do not go to Weeping Lily Meadow
When you have access to Brahms' Castle, either do not go there or go there byt do not go to Brahms' chamber.

Note from start of game up to Chapter 6
Remove Nibelungen Ring and never wear it again.
Transfer only one character per chapter.
You may get all artifacts, as long as you send one character per chapter.

Chapter 3
Do spiritual concentrations until you get access to Brahm's Castle.

Chapter 4
Do spiritual concentrations until you are pointed to where you can recruit Lorenta. Finish the dungeon that follows (Tower of Lezard Valeth).

Chapter 5
Do not start with spiritual concentrations.
Go to Gerabellum to see an event regarding Lucian.
Do your spiritual concentrations.
Recruit Lucian.
Level Lucian up so you can send him to Asgard in this chapter (you can send him later in Chapter 6 but this is the best time to do so). Send Lucian to Asgard.
Recruit Mystina.
Go to Weeping Lily Meadow.
Go to Brahm's Castle and choose not to fight him; or you can fight him but you have to win (only Magic can hurt him).

Chapter 6
If you followed it faithfully, you can transfer two characters here but just to be safe, transfer only one.
End chapter 6.

Sacred Phase 6-7
You will witness an event after Sacred Phase with Lucian in it. If you did not, something went wrong. Repeat from previous save or start over.

Chapter 8
Do spiritual concentrations.
Do whatever you want -- just make sure you have periods left in order to access Weeping Lily Meadow.

Short elevator rides:
When in the Tower of Lezard Valeth, you can shorten the time the elevator moves from point A to B by opening and then closing the menu or map screens. You can avoid battling the monsters that ride the elevators by using this trick.

If you are lucky and get another Orihalcon and you have the creation jewel (not gem), transmute the Orihalcon to Gram, a powerful sword that cannot be overpowered until you get with your fight with Loki in Ending A.

Flame Jewel locations:
You need Flame Jewels to access special rooms in the Seraphic Gate. In them, you can find the best equipment and the secret characters. There are eight special rooms, meaning you need eight Flame Jewels. They can be found in the following locations. Note: Flame Jewels are only available in hard mode.

Salerno Academy
Dark Tower of Xervah
Citadel of Flame
Sunken Shrine
Tombs of Amenti (two Flame Jewels)
Arianrod Labyrinth
Celestial Castle

Artifacts to keep:

Bark of the Dryad: Turns into the Dimension Slip when you obtain your creation gem.
Fairy Bottle: Turns into the Orihalcon with the creation gem. Available in normal mode.
Manuals of Resurrection: Also turns into the Orihalcon with the creation gem. Available only in hard mode.
Eternal Lamp: Avoid freezing.

Items from the Einjerjar:
Once you have recruited the Einjerjar, some of them have weapons or items in their respective cities that will help you in your quest. The only stipulation to this, though, is if you have already sent that character to Asgard, you cannot get the items. The following is a list of items the Einjerjar will give you:

Arngrim: Artolia - Arngrim's House - Dragon Slayer
Belenus: Lassen - Belenus' House - Asaka's Flower
Llewellyn: Crell Monfrange - Forest Meadow - Goddess Pendant
Kashell: Camille Village - Cemetary - Vainslayer
Janus: Crell Monfrange - Janus' House - Raven Slayer
Nanami: Hai Lan - Dragon Shrine - Dragon's Bane
Yumei: Hai Lan - Hai Lan Coastline - Fragment of Lapis Gem
Mystina: Flenceburg - Mystina's House - Infinity Rod

Unlocking secret items and characters:
Play in hard mode, and collect the eight Lotus Gems there. Then play the Seraphic Gate. You have now the access to the locked green doors, which is the location of the secret items and characters.

Nibelungen Ring compensation:
Keep the Nibelungen ring equipped in Valkyrie, and then give her the Radiance Sword or the Crescent Arrow bow (they can be obtained in the Divine Item menu)/ When she uses Nibelung Valesti, you will have the complete attack sequence. Note: This may also work with other divine weapons.

Arkdain Ruins experience:
Once you are inside the Arkdain Ruins, defeat all the enemies, exit the castle, but do not go to the world map. Enter again and all the enemies (except the ones inside chests) will return. This will help to raise level and skills. Note: If is the first time you enter, you can also defeat the main Boss, but do not open the artifact chest or the enemies will disappear.

99 hits:
You must first have three mages each equipped with a staff that allows them to use great magic. Also, they should have Mystic Cross as their combo magic (Shadow Servant is also useful). Find a battle with four enemies (for example, at Asgard Hill). When the battle starts, have all three mages use Mystic Cross simultaneously until the combo meter goes to 100 (let Valkyrie attack if it did not go to 100 ). If done correctly, all three mages can use Celestial Star and allow 99 hits. The number of enemies also affect the number of hits. However, it cannot go more than 99.

Glitch: Avoid environmental damage in Tombs Of Amenti:
If timed correctly, you can avoid the horizontal pillars of fire while they are impassable. Jump through the fire where it starts at the edge of a ledge or wall. Note: This does not always work.

Glitch: Disappearing shields:
Go to the Forest Of Woe in the first chapter in normal mode. Equip the Bolt-Crossbow and get in a fight. When the message "Purify Completion" appears, Valkyrie's shields will disappear.





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