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Speedball 2100

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Speedball 2100

Empire Interactive / 2000-10-24

Action / Sports

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Game Details

Bruised Ribs 4, Fractured Skulls 2

Football is for wimps. Rugby for girls. In the year 2100, the bloodsport of choice is Speedball, a game that has only one hard-and-fast rule: slam a solid, chromium ball into your opponent’s goal. Managing Brutal Deluxe, the laughing stock of the World Speedball League, you’ve got nothing to lose. If winning is less about sportsmanship and more about playing dirty, using power-ups and hospitalising your opponents, then you’ve got to be a brute and a casual killer to succeed

Broken Legs 1, Arms-Wrenched-Out-Of-Sockets 3

Retaining all the outrageous, cyberpunk violence of the original game, Speedball 2100 pits 16 heavily-padded teams against one another in the ultimate futuristic ball-game. Expanding and enhancing the addictive Speedball formula for the PlayStation, the Bitmap Brothers have made several key improvements. Playable in full 3D, with an intelligent camera system that adds an extra, dynamic dimension to the gameplay, Speedball 2100 combines the fast, tactical nature of a sports sim with the satisfying limb-cracking of a beat-’em-up.

Ripped Spleens 2, Shattered Noses 2

With all new moves, weapons and in-game power-ups, Speedball 2100 also features an intuitive control system with AI that either anticipates the player’s joypad input for one-button gameplay, or allows players to perform the wide range of moves themselves. Play Speedball as an arcade game, or play it as a sim; take part in knockout tournaments, leagues and extended cup matches; even save your team onto your PlayStation’s memory card to play against a friend

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