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Rugrats In Paris- The Movie

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Rugrats In Paris- The Movie

THQ / 2000-10-29

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Based on the theatrical release, Rugrats™ in Paris-The Movie, join the Rugrats gang as they travel to EUROREPTARLAND to help fix Stu’s Robotic Reptar. Players guide their favorite Rugrats character through EUROREPTARLAND and Paris in search of parts to fix Stu’s mechanical Reptar.

Bursting with games for kids of all ages, players can ooze their way through Ooey-Gooey World, jump through the Chuckie Chan obstacle course, jolt the Reptar Bumper cars, and play Reptar vs. Robosnail! With artwork and game levels based on Rugrats in Paris-The Movie, kids can re-live the movie over and over on their PlayStation game console! Of course, just like Angelica always says, “I already learned how to parsley-voo francy!”

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2004-07-10 00:00:00

May be long but it can give you an easy way to complete the game.After you have 7 gold tickets go to the gift shop and buy everythingthat is worth red tickets.Go to the middle of the golf park on the right side you will find a keep out door,so go inside and there you search everywhere if you will find a baby go towards him talk to him.He may give you the golden ticket he has if you give him/her the following thing he/she wants,and congratulations you have got a golden ticket then go out from that place and rome around for at least half a minute.Go inside again and do the same for at least 5 times.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Finding Robosnail:
Collect all 16 Gold Tickets during the game. Use them to buy the Reptar Control Helmet. Go to the center of Golf Park. You can now go through the "Keep Out" door. Go to Reptar and stand on the "Helmet" sign. Use the Helmet, then fight Robosnail.





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