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Panzer General

Ubisoft / 2000-09-29



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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Beating the Russians:
The Soviet tanks will be by far the strongest enemies you will encounter on the ground. But, fortunately, their airforce goes way beyond pathetic. It should be simple enough to use your tac bombers to carry out drop and die(you drop the bombs and they die)missions and eventually pound the Soviets into submission.

Crush France:
Although it may seem impossible it is quite simple to defeat the French army and score a major victory. You need to place all of your heavy infantry to the south because they can use the hills and trees to their advantage and are the best suited to attack the heavy fortifications that are down there. You may want to send a tank unit or two just for good measure. Now deploy your heaviest tanks north where you will meet a good amount of enemy troops. With your slowest and weakest tanks in place to the north the enemy will send a large amount of their resources to meet you. This will leave a gap right through the mid section of the map or the Ardennes line area. If your best and fastest troops break through that area you can occupy all of France within a five day period thus clearing you to attack Britain while their army is still rebuilding!

Future weapons:
This is the GameShark code for future weapons. 80089A94 ffff. Now I get rid of my units (all but one or game ends) replace them with units from the future using the prestige code, then save game and turn GameShark off. I do this because during the battle in the campaign I am in, the allies can buy future weapons too. When this battle in the campaign ends my future weapons are available in the next battle while the allies refer back to the old way. Of course you cannot buy jets until an airfied is availble.

The art of the Blitzkrieg:
The key to winning this game revolves completely around your ability to take the enemy by storm. If you attempt long drawn out battles you will fight to a standstill. If you throw wave after glorius wave of tac bombers at tanks, gun emplacements, artillery, and forts you will weaken them enough to send in tanks and suffer little or no casualties. Then simply send in the infantry to mop up what remains of the once mighty allied army.




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