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Namco Museum Vol. 3

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Namco Museum Vol. 3

Namco / 2002-01-01



Game Details

Can't find Museum Vol. 1 or 3 for the PlayStation® game console? Due to popular demand, Namco has re-released both Museum Vol. 1 and Museum Vol. 3! Both titles are available at most retail and specialty stores. The packaging may have changed, but the games are the same!

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2008-06-30 00:00:00

Why are there no cheat codes for Mrs Pac-man and Namco Volume 3? Does anyone have any info?


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Hidden Tower of Druaga
In the Museum, hold L1+R1 and press Up, Right, Down, Left three times. If done correctly, a pickaxe icon will appear.
Now, enter the Tower of Druaga exhibit halls. Go directly forward untill you bump into a wall. Pac-Man will indicate there's something there.

Press X and he'll dig through the wall. You'll see a 3-D battle between Gil and Druaga, and a new Tower of Druaga to play. Although, it isn't confirmed for sure, some of the treasures are easier to pick up.

Pole Position II
Go to the Test menu (press TRIANGLE to bring up the menu, then go to Test) Now press TRIANGLE again to access the menu, and choose dipswitches.

Turn on dipswitch one by moving the cursor over dipswitch one and pressing UP.
Now return to the game. Start a game, and although the diagrams of the tracks look normal, they have drastically changed! (Check out the Test track!)




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