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Metal Gear Solid

Konami / 1998-10-21

Shooter / 3rd Person Shooter

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Technical demonstration mode
Successfully complete the following modes in order - "Training", 
"Time Trial", "Gun Shooting", "Survival." Note: Completing each 
mode will unlock the next mode in the sequence. "Technical 
demonstration" mode will now be unlocked. Use it to watch the 
CPU demonstrate its best time with the gun. 

Stealth Suit
When you beat the game, if you leave with Otacon, he will give 
you a prototype of an item called "Stealth." This allows you to 
walk near, through, and around guards, through trip lasers, and 
in the field of vision of cameras without alerting. This appears 
in your inventory when you start your second game.

When you beat the game, if you leave with Meryl, she will give you 
a prototype of an item called "Bandana." This gives you infinite 
bullets with any weapons you have. This appears in your inventory 
when you start your second game. 

Beat the game twice and get both endings (one with Meryl and one 
without). When you play a third time, enter the elevator in the 
Cargo Dock. You'll remove your scuba gear and change into a tuxedo.

Red Ninja
Beat the game twice and get both endings (one with Meryl and one 
without). When you play a third time, the ninja will be wearing a 
cool red and black outfit. 

Uncensored Butt
This is a cheat for those who feel they need to see the most ever 
bared on the Playstation. On the level where you try to save the 
Darpa chief in the cell, you will meet Meryl, who helps you shoot 
the intruders after the chief dies. You kill the gunmen and after 
the cinema sequence go back into the cell where you saw a man naked 
on the floor. Now get on the ground and take out your scope. You'll 
notice that the guy's butt is censored, but when you scope in 
ALL THE WAY you'll notice something the company never thought 
about. Eeech. 

Opening Changes
Every second time you play, the initial cut scene when Solid Snake 
emerges from the water is shown from a different angle. This 
alternate start is repeated back and forth with the original cut 
scene from the beginning onward. 

Psycho Mantis Memory Reading 
Some of Mantis' reactions depend on the save games of other 
Konami games you have on your memory card. Try confronting 
him with a Castlevania, ISS Soccer, Suikoden or Silent Hill 
save game on your memory card for startling revelations.

Easier Mantis
After Mantis reads your mind, the screen will go black for 
a second before the battle begins. To make the fight MUCH 
easier, simply plug the controller into the "controller two" 
slot. He won't be able to read your mind anymore and will be 
easier to kill.

Easier Revolver
When you blow up all the walls needed to get to the room where 
you find Revolver Ocelot, go back and get more C-4.When the fight 
begins run straight to the wall to the left. Place one C-4 ON 
THE WALL. If it's on the floor too far it will trigger the 
explosions and kill Baker. Now, chase Revolver around untill 
he runs right up to the C-4. Detonate. BOOM. Takes off a lot 
of his power. Repeat this pattern two or three times and 
he's dead. 

Pee on the Box! 
Just after trekking through the Caves for the first time, and 
before you and Meryl enter the Underground Passage to Comm. 
Tower A, stand facing Meryl with the wolf dogs yapping nearby. 
Slap Meryl roundly in the face. Meryl whistles and the dogs attack 
you for such an action. However, if you place a Cardboard Box over 
you immediately after slapping Meryl, the wolf dog puppy investigates 
the box. Cocking its leg against the side of it, a stream of wolf 
dog urine splashes you and the box. You now smell of the wolf dogs, 
and the hounds now leave you alone on subsequent trips through their 
lair as long as you're wearing the box they peed on. Sheesh.

Catching the Flu
Sneezing every minute can attract guards. Combat this with medicine, 
but to achieve a sneezing fit every time, fail in Revolver's torture 
room and come into close contact with Sasaki in order for the cold
to be transferred. It helps if you are rescued by the Ninja for 
maximum exposure to the Sasaki flu. 

Meryl in her Undies
In the Women's Restroom where you meet up with Meryl prior to the 
Psycho Mantis confrontation, follow Meryl straight in and move up 
to the top stall within five seconds. Meryl will not have time to 
properly change, and spends the first part of the conversation 
without her combat pants on. Woohoo.

Meryl in her Undies 2
When you go into the duct system to save the Darpa chief, look down 
at Meryl and go back out of the duct system. Then, go back in the duct 
system and look down at her again and she will be doing sit-ups. Then, 
go out of the duct system again and go back in. She will be doing leg 
presses. Go back out of the duct system yet again and the process will 
repeat. Only now she will be in her panties. Was it really worth it?

Shy Meryl
When walking around with Meryl, keep staring at her in first-person 
mode. Meryl starts blushing, turning embarrassed and tapping her gun 
to her leg. Keep looking at her, and she turns more and more red, 
whispering embarrassed little questions. How cute.

Cardboard box uses 
Tired of those long walks between the armory and every other part of 
the game? Well, here's what to do. Once you have a cardboard box, you 
can ship yourself to different locations from any transport truck in 
the game. Just get in the truck near the edge, put on your box and wait. 
Eventually a guard will come by and ship you out.

Cardboard Box A: 
Get shipped to Heliport, works in Nuke Depot and Snowfield trucks.

Cardboard Box B: 
Get shipped to Nuke Depot, works in Heliport and Snowfield trucks. 
Cardboard Box C: Get shipped to Snowfield, works in Heliport and 
Nuke Depot trucks.

Animal Rights:
Shooting crows and rats will make Roy and Naomi upset. They'll 
contact you through the Codec and tell you how mean you are. Hehe!

Secret Ghost Pictures:
After you get the Camera, take pictures of the following locations 
to see hidden ghost figures of the development team. To view them, 
select the 'Album' option at the main menu. 

1. Kojima: Otacon lab (the picture frame to the right) 
2. Matsuhana: Hallway of corpses (outside Otacons lab) 
3. Sato: Comm Tower A (roof destroyed by a Hind D missiles)
4. Nakamura: In Meryl's blood pool (where she is sniped) 
5. Shinkawa: Deep in Sniper Wolf's hallway behind the second pillar
6. Uehara: Edge of elevator (the one were the ravens are) 
7. Negishi: Sewage waterfall 
8. Mizutani: When fighting Metal Gear
9. Korekado: Men's restroom 
10. Sasaki: Picture frames in the Commanders room
11. Sonoyama: Torture machine 
12. Toyota: Container in the middle of Raven's warehouse 
13. Kozyou: Behind the watertank-like structure in the Canyon
14. Shimizu: Wolf dog cave (first crawling point) 
15. Kaneda: The mirror located in the Women's restroom
16. Fukushima: Heliport, looking out to sea from cliff 
17. Takade: Ninja room, glass edge 
18. Fujimura: Elevator, in the Comm Tower B complex
19. Shikama: Electric floor 
20. Kimura: Metal Gear underground base, tip of of Metal 
Gear's railgun 

21. Kobayashi: Rock in canyon 22. Okajima: Maggots of the real 
DARPA Chef in cell

23. Nishimura: Next to Baker's corpse 
24. Mukaide: Reflection in wolfdog cave puddle
25. Onoda: Where Baker is tied up 
26. Kitao: Decoy Octopus (fake DARPA chief) corpse
27. Yoshimura: Dead end of air duct 
28. Hirano: Elevator (Comm Twr B) deep in the shaft of top level
29. Muraoka: Water in cargo dock 
30. Ishiyama: Heliport top of building
31. Ito: Inside elevator to tank hangar 
32. Jerem Blaustein: Sniper Wolfs corpse 
33. Yoshioka: Bridge on the third floor of the blast furnace 
34. Mori: Lowest point of elevator (Comm Twr B) 
35. Kinbara: Dark area of stairs 
36. Tougo: End of boiler room (in Blast Furnace where the stem is) 
37. Makimura: Hidden armory store room (behind the weakened wall) 
38. Kutome: Observation room 
39. Tanaka: Heliport, sleeping soilder
40. Shigeno: Heliport, security camera by staircase 
41. Yamashita: Tip of nuke warhead in nuke storage room 
42. Kobayashi: Johnny Sasaki holding cell, near DARPA chief 
43. Scott Dolph: Way down in the dark from the walkway between 
Comm Tower A and B 

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Air    	800ae1ac03e7

Infinite Health 	800b752603e7

SOCOM Pistol and Ammo 	800b75320019 

FAMAS Rifle and Ammo  	800b75340065

Grenade   	800b7536000c

Nikita and Ammo 	800b75380004

Stinger and Ammo	800b753a0004

Claymore  	800b753c0006

C-4 	800b753e0006
Stun Grenade    	800b75400006

Chaff Grenade		800b75420006

PGS1 Rifle and Ammo   	800b75440006

Never Reload		800ae164000d

Scope			800b755c0001

Cigarettes		800b755a0001

Cardboard Box A		800b755e0001

Cardboard Box B		800b75600001

Cardboard Box C		800b75620001

Night Vision Goggles	800b75640001

Thermal Goggles		800b75660001

Gasmask			800b75680001

Body Armor		800b756a0001

Camera			800b75720001

Rations			800b75740002

Medicine		800b75760004

Diazepam		800b75780004

PAL Keycard		800b757a0001

Mine Detector		800b75800001

MO Disc			800b75820001

Rope			800b75840001

Handkerchief		800b75860001

Ketchup			800b756c0001

Steath Suit		800b756e0001

Bandana			800b75700001

Level 10 Key		800b757c000a

Never Have Time Bomb	800b757e0000

Extra Ammo SOCOM	80067cd00001

Extra Ammo FAMAS	800682ec0001

Extra Ammo Stinger	8006951c0001

Extra Ammo Claymore	800698d00001

Extra Ammo C4		80069c1c0001

Extra Ammo PSG1		8006a3700001

Extra Ammo Nikita	80068fd80001





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