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Megaman Legends

Capcom / 1998-12-20

Action RPG

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Game Details

In a world covered by endless water... People are forced to eke out a living on the small patches of land that remain above the sea. The people of this world rely on ancient technology driven by quantum refractors,a powerfulenergy source. These refractors lie in ancient ruins underground and in the sea and are sought out by explorers called Diggers. These brave explorers are the sole source of refractor energy which has become a cornerstone of the emerging civilizations. Originally, this was theDiggers' only purpose; to find refractors so that civilization would endure. However over the years, the story of an incredible treasure, the legendary Mother Lode, began to be whispered among the Diggers. The Mother Lode...a treasure so great thatwere it discovered, it would provide so much power that the world need never fear of running out of energy.

In search of this Mother Lode, Diggers travel from one island to another in their flying machines ever hoping thatthey'll find what theyseek just over the horizon. Who can say what truly motivates the Diggers? One day a well known digger, Barell Casket, found a baby in an archeological site. He named the baby Mega Man Voulnut, and raised him with his granddaughter Roll. Fourteenyears have passed since the disappearance of Roll's parents while they were excavating a site. Mega Man and Roll have followed in the footsteps of Roll's parents in an effort to both discover the truth of their mysterious disappearance and to find the long lost family treasure...the Mother Lode.

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2004-03-22 00:00:00

You can kick the vending machines as many times as you want as long as you kick the right spot.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Bad Boy:
When you finish beating the big robot in the Old City go to the airship and press CIRCLE on the Television. go to downtown and blow up the red car. pick up the suitcase and go out the door. It will ask you if you want to steal the money. say Yes and you will get 200,000 instead of 20,000.

Change Color:
To change color to dark navy/black you must be a bad boy! Start by kicking all vending machines (many times), kicking animals, kicking the can in Apple Market into the bakery for 1,000 Zenny, not repairing damaged buildings in the City Hall battle, let the bombs explode in the "Bombs in the City" subquest, and by shooting the police car and keeping the "trunk of cash" in the sub-quest when the Pirates rob the bank (you get the bank robbery sub-quest by watching TV in the Flutter after defeating Bruno, the Pirates last robot). When you finally change color (it doesn't take to long) it looks really cool!!!

Easy Money:
Certain sections of the game contain enemies who drop expensive refracters. By leaving the area and then coming back, you can kill the same enemy over and over to build up your cash supply.

There's another way, too. You can earn a quick 1,000 Zinny by kicking the soda can behind the counter of the Bakery Shop. As the game progresses the amount you receive for your efforts goes up. This is a great trick if your low on cash.

For more money, find the can in the apple market. If you can kick it into the Jetlag Bakery you'll receiev 10,000 zenny!

Free Energy in Town:
Walk up to any vending machine and press CIRCLE. When it asks you to deposit 100z, say "No" and kick it. You'll receive a free drink and refill your life. NOTE: This can only be done once on each vending machine.





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