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Jade Cocoon

Crave / 0000-00-00

Role Playing Game

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Enter the world of Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu. As Levant, a Cocoon Master, you will engage powerful monsters in deadly one on one combat. As the magic and talon clashes of these battles turn to your favor you can call on the mystic cocoon powers and capture your fallen foe. Once captured these mighty creatures will be the key to unlocking the curse that has overcome your village.

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Reply #2

2004-03-27 00:00:00

a cool minion:
when u get to the beetle forest of the netherworld catch a blue 3 headed dragon (not swav the puple version)and use arpatron as your base minion and use the blue 3 headed dragon as the second and combine them.

jake corrie
Reply #1

2004-03-22 00:00:00

Excellent minion:
get the arpatron in the beggining and don't combine it until you reach the beetle forest of the netherworld then catch a BLUE 3 headed dragon and use arpatron as your base monster and combine them and you will get a strong, cool monster.

The earth boss has a massive minion but is easy to beat when using a wind attack with +accuracy on it.

The chosen one;
he is the dream man you meet at the beginning but don't worry he doesn't have that dragon but he does have a monster which changes elements so be sure to have monsters with each kind of element.
I managed to beat him without any minions dying or me dying(when he kills you at the divine tree the first time you fight him in the spider forest is part of the story)also my minions were only at level 22-23.

I hope these have helped

jake corrie

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Level Raising Glitch:

After you defeat Kikinak In the dragonfly Forest you can soummon him to fight again later, as long as you havent seen all the people in town turn to stone. the exeperiance you gain from him will always be the same and his powers will never increase, even if your minions are at level 30!

Lots of Mugwort Herbs:

After you meet Koris for the first time in the Beetle forest, when he says he will train you, select "Attacks and Defense" and start training. He will give you a Mugwort herb. During the battle, on the first, second, or third turn ignore what Koris tells you to do and select a different command (except item) and he will tell you that you must obey. The fight will end and you will have an extra Mugwort Herb! You can repeat this until you have as many herbs as you like. Unfortunately, the item maximum is 20.

Good Build up Area:

A great minnion to battle for powering up is rashab in the spider forest find one defeat it and run over a couple of screens and go back it will be there again

Easily Beat Bird Man:

To easily beat the Bird Man, use fire minions. They will make the process a lot easier. Just in case, have plenty of Mugorts ready.

Powerful Water Minion:

When you meet Koris in the beetle forest for the first time he says he'll train you to become a better cacoon master. In the list select "Capturing". Do exactly as he tells you and he should give you Apatron. Base your water minion off him to get the most powerful water based minion.





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