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Gunfighter- The Legend of Jesse James

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Gunfighter- The Legend of Jesse James

Ubisoft / 2001-11-30


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It's Steel justice in the Old West-Gunslingin' outlaw Jesse James is laying down the law on a posse of no good bandits. These thieves have snatched Jesse's sweetheart,Zee, and done sot dead his partner, Cole. Now is high time to unshuck yer six-shooter, Save Zee, and send them varmint's packin' in a pine box!

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Cheat menu
Go to the main menu and HOLD the Left analog stick until a small box appears. While still holding Left Analog stick press Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Circle, Square, triangle, X. Now start a new game and press START to show the options and cheat menu

Extra continues
To get extra continues just shoot the wanted sign during the game





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