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Gundam Battle Assault

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Gundam Battle Assault

Bandai / 2000-11-06


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Surviving Mobile Suit Gundam: The Moment of Truth
It is A.C. 19X, and although the world is technically at peace, some Mobile Suit pilots are still clinging to their ideals and continuing their fight. You take on the role of Heero Yuy, a pilot who is determined to maintain the tenuous peace of the world at any cost. Your mission: fight the legendary Mobile Suits and save the world from total chaos!

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2007-12-28 00:00:00

How to get Gundam RX-78 more easy:
Finish the game with Z-Gundam then Finish the game with Sazabi.Later in game you will face Gundam RX-78.Beat him then beat the game and he will be yours.

orac adrian

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Get Hydra Gundam:
Beat story mode on hard level with NO continues.

Get Psycho Mk.III:
Beat story mode on hard level.

Get NeueZeil:
Beat story mode on medium level.

Get Big Zam:
Beat story mode on easy level.

Get Char's Zaku II:
Press left,up,right,down,square,triangle, circle.A noise will follow this.In vs. mode
to the right you will find it.

How to get Gundam:
Finish story mode with the Z-Gundam, then choose any gundam besides Z-gundam and Acguy, repeat this and Gundam will soon apear.





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