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Crave / 2000-03-29

Action / Adventure


Game Details

Remember witnessing "Psycho" for the first time, that intense immobilizing fear as you watched and wondered what the characters would do next? Remember trying to overcome the sweaty gripping terror and deciding how to handle it for yourself?

Galerians™ challenges you to do just that. Thrust into the role of a young man harnessing his newly acquired psychic powers. You must decide whether to ignite your enemies into a blazing fire, or lash out with a bolt of kinetic mental energy. Walk the razor's edge between wits and super power as you decide how best to deal with your nemesis..


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Reply #1

2004-03-29 00:00:00

I hope you beat the game. From Shawn to myself (Shawn)

Shawn Johnson

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

unlimited HP:
801AF972 00C8
801C2F9C 00C8
Rion has no AP:
801AF96C 0000
Rion has unlimited Nalcon:
801AF978 00C8
Rion has unlimited Red:
801AF97C 00C8
Rion has unlimited D-Felon:
801AF980 00C8
Rion has maximum psychic level:
301C2FA6 00C8
Rion has D-Felon:
All FMV sequences:
801FD004 FFFF
801FD006 00FF




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