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Digimon World 2

Bandai / 2001-04-04


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More Digimo, More Battles, More Fun!

These Digimon are ready to rumble for the sake of the Digital World. Collect and battle with over 180 Digimon and tons of new items! Discover the tricks behind DNA Digivolving and elevate your Digimon to higher, more powerful fighting levels. Pit your Digimon against the merciless Domain Bosses and the Blood Knights in your crusade to save Digital City and become a Master Tamer.

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Reply #38

2010-09-14 00:00:00

ALLHAMDULILLAH, FINALY I GET THE FORMULA TO GET OMNIMON THAT KNOW FREEZING BREATH MGRU+DEV=TSUKAI (*piedmon)#####PIED+TOR=GOMA (*marineangemon)##MARINE+CYCLO=AGU (*omnimon)##### *NOTE: 1.metalgarurumon dna digivolved with devimon the result is tsukaimon. 2.Evolve tsukaimon to bakemon. 3.Evolve bakemon to phantomon. 4.Evolve phantomon to piedmon 5.Dna digivolve piedmon with tortomon the result is gomamon. 6.Evolve gomamon to ikkakumon(3--5 dp). 7.Evolve ikkakumon to zudomon (6--8 dp). 8.Evolve zudomon to marineangemon (9dp) 9.Dna digivolve marine angemon with cyclonemon and you get agumon. 10. Train agumon until get metal greymon and evolve to omnimon that know freezing breath (20dp).

Shiny Reaper
Reply #37

2010-09-03 00:00:00

How to get Veemon in Digimon World 2:

First, Join the gold hawk organization. Then, train your Agumon until he can digivolve into Greymon. Then, buy a couple of toys from the old man. Go out on a mission and use one of the toys on a Piyomon. Beat it, it will want to join your group so accept it's offer.(Make sure it's your 2nd or last digimon that can join your group.)Train it until it can digivovle into an Airdramon.Then go to the digilab and DNA digivovle your Greymon and Airdramon and TADA! You have your own Veemon.
WARNING!: This the only way I know how to get veemon. If you want to get veemon without using your Greymon in the DNA digievolution, You have to find a way by yourself.

OMG i m a kid 1234
Reply #36

2010-01-21 00:00:00

Ummm anyone know the games id code for pec editor beacuse it's really pissing me off

Reply #35

2009-11-10 00:00:00

GameSharks CANNOT damage a disc. Its impossible. The disc is read-only and the PSX CANNOT write to discs anyways AND the GameShark only edits the PSX's RAM values to in order to cheat.


But the damage to the memory cards is porbably due to the memory cards themselvs. A GameShark, again, only changes the values in the PSX's RAM. It doesn't write anything to the memory card. The game does. The only way for a save file to get corrupted is for a renegade code or malfunction which only affects the GAME's save file. Not the ENTIRE memory card.

Digimon Maniac
Reply #34

2009-11-10 00:00:00

No such Digimon.
Why do you people like to deceive others?
Are you really that childish?

Digimon Maniac
Reply #33

2008-11-04 00:00:00

Mega and all moves:
8005E710 FFFF
8005E76C FFFF
8005E7C8 FFFF
8005E880 FFFF
8005E824 FFFF
After enabling that code, go to your club and digivolve all of your Digimon to mega, then save the game. Turn off the code, then enable this code:

8005E714 FFFF
8005E770 FFFF
Go to your club and DNA digivolve your Digimon to ultimate. Go to a domain and battle. You will learn your rookie's move(s), your champion's move(s), and your ultimate's move(s). Get your Digimon to level 31 and digivolve it to mega. Battle again to learn your mega's move(s).
All codes above from Russie71.

Have only best items in server:
The following codes require a v3.3 or higher GameShark

Maxiums EG: 3005F450 0063
Beetle RAM: 3005F45C 0063
Whale BAT: 3005F486 0063
Eagle BOX: 3005F492 0063
Gravi TIRES: 3005F49C 0063
magnum ARM: 3005F4A6 0063
Ultra HAND: 3005F4B0 0063
RCannon-3: 3005F4BE 0063
Zcannon-3: 3005F4B8 0063
Mine Sweep-5: 3005F4CC 0063
Bugsweep ABC-5: 3005F4D6 0063
DMTransfer: 3005F4D8 0063
Power RADAR: 3005F4E0 0063
Map RADAR: 3005F4E2 0063
Power Pilot: 3005F4DC 0063
Super bug zap-3 b`3005F53E 0063
Wavemiss-5 Red/elec/rock-5: 3005F520 0063
Toy Plane: 3005F574 0063
Z-BOMB inferno: 3005F54A 0063
Z-BOMB blizzard: 3005F54C 0063
Z-BOMB hurricane: 3005F54E 0063
Z-BOMB rust storm: 3005F550 0063
Z-BOMB lack hole: 3005F552 0063
DNA-upchip: 3005F5A0 0063
DNA-downchip`3005F5A2 0063
EXP chip: 3005F5A4 0063
Max driver: 3005F5B4 0063
Admantium body: 3005F5CC 0063
All codes above from Sqdsv20326.

Official codes from InterAct.
Codes from The Game Shark Code Creator's Club.

Japanese (NTSC) version

Codes from The Game Shark Code Creator's Club.

Click here to find out more!

Reply #32

2008-10-07 00:00:00

what items do u use to increase dp? please answer.

Reply #31

2008-06-04 00:00:00

hot to find doctor piyottie in digimon world 2..pls reply..

Reply #30

2008-04-22 00:00:00

iv had the game for years but never really played it. what do i get if i DNA digivolve greymon and metalgraymon?

Reply #29

2007-11-23 00:00:00

how to get choas lord get a deltamon at dp 20 then he he will go to mega form


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

How to get a MegaTriceramon
get a gotsumon and get him to level 11,he will turn into a monochromon than get his DP to 5-10 and grow him to level 21 and he will turn into triceramon then DNA digivolve him with a megadramon and he will be able to get to a max of level 37 and at level 31 triceramon will turn into a megatriceramon with no doubt NOTE:mega triceramon may also be found in the soft domain.
submitted by: Ethan

How to catch Birdramon,Ikkakumon and Garurumon
When Blood knights attack get some mag.missiles 2 and some CD players and go to video domain get to the 6th floor and on the map you will see a trapezoid shape then go closer it will be a Birdramon shoot the CD players at it then battle it.It will be Birdramon,Ikkakumon and Garurumon.Which ever you want kill it last and it will be yours

Buy all items to catch Digimons
Once you get the generator parts in the first room in the dome, talk the man on the top right. He will sell all the items that you can buy when you join a club.

Level up quicker
Do not run away from battles and you will earn experience points. Also, fight stronger Digimons for more experience points. After you defeat Leomon in the first dungeon, you can return and fight a level 5 Gazimon and a level 5 Gizamon. After defeating these, you gain 39 experience points and 260 bits. Note: Only use this trick when you have at least one or two champion Digimon, as they are quite difficult to defeat.

Get Godmon and Godessmon
Join Gold Hawk tamers organization. When you get your Digimon, press x,x,x,o,o,o,x and when you get your first mission, Agumon turns into a Digimon called Killmon. He destroys your Digi-Beetle and Veemon will be under it. He will say,"Destroy Akira". If you changed your name to something else, it says,"Destroy @#%%". Killmon goes into battle and even if you lose, it says,"WIN". Veemon askes a stupid question,"Are you a Digimon?". Answer yes and he digivolves into Godmon. Answer no, he digivolves into Godessmon. To get both, say I don't know. You have them. But, the Black Sword Leader makes you join him. Killmon eats him. You have beaten the game, But then a sighn pops up and it says,"GAME ERASED". Even though your game data is erased, you still have Godmon, Godessmon, Whatever.

Alternate opening sequence
View the opening sequence twice to see Blackwargreymon instead of Wargreymon in the animation at the beginning of the game. Note: This does not unlock him during the game.

Digivolution points
Digivolution Points determine what Digimon you will get when you digivolve in the future. The only way to get DP is through DP Up item or the old fashion DNA Digivolution. DNA Digivolving is better and makes your Digimon stronger.

All Digimon digivolve at 11, 21, 31.

DNA Digvolving
2 Champions = Rookie
2 Ultimates = Champion
2 Megas = Ultimate
Champion + Ultimate = Rookie
Champion + Mega = Rookie
Ultmate + Mega = Champion The DNA digivolved Digimon's form is always one below the lowest Digimon form in the pair of the two Digimon.

DNA Digivolving Formula
There is a formula to figuring out the maximum level of your Digimon when you DNA Digivolve: X = Larger level of two Digimon
Y = Lower level of two Digimon
Maximum level = X + Y/5


Agumon & Omnimon
Want an Agumon, but you don't already have an Agumon digivolution to DNA to get one? Well here's an easy way to get all that you desire.
Note: you will need gifts for both Vacine types and Virus types, so you will either have to wait until you have acess to the Device Dome, or you will have to use your Toy gifts that work on all types.
First, bribe and befriend either a Gomamon or a Penguinmon and digivolve it to Tortomon or Ikkakumon.
Then, bribe and befriend either a Betamon or a Gizamon (not Gazimon) and digivolve it to DarkTyrannomon or Cyclonemon.
Finally, DNA Tortomon/Ikkakumon with DarkTyrannomon/Cyclonemon and the result will be an Agumon. That's the easiest way to do it. Here's all the Digimon you could DNA to do this:
1st Digi: Ikkakumon, Tortomon, or Dolphmon
2nd Digi: Cyclonemon, Devidramon, DarkTyrannomon, Deltamon, Darkrizamon, or Tuskmon
resuting Digi: Agumon 1st Digi: Zudomon or Whamon
2nd Digi: Extyrannomon, Gigadramon, MegaDramon, MetalTyrannomon, or Skullgreymon
rusulting Digi: Greymon Now, Omnimon is a bit trickier. To get him, you have to Digivolve a Metalgreymon with at least 20 DP, but if your Greymon has more than 5 DP he will NOT digivolve into Metalgreymon. So what you have to do is DNA 2 Mega-level Digimon into Metalgreymon. There are 5 combinations that could produce a Metalgreymon; unfortunatly, these combination could also produce a MasterTyrannomon. I don't know which of these will produce the Metalgraymon and which will not, so you'll have to experiment to find out.
The 5 combinations are: Wargreymon & Wargreymon, Wargreymon & Pukamon, Wargreymon & MarineAngemon, Wargreymon & Machindramon, and MarineAngemon & Machindramon.
Remember, the 2 Megas DP's must total at least 20 for the resulting Metalgreymon to digivolve into Omnimon.





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