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Digimon World

Bandai / 2000-05-24


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Game Details

When you are pulled into a strange and mystical world, what awaits you on the other side?

You are an aspiring tamer who is accidentally sucked into your Digivice and into the world of the Digimon. Once inside this colorful land of discovery and demands, you must befriend and train a motley group of Digimon creatures. Monster-collecting fun mixes with traditional role-playing to create a cute and rewarding quest!

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Reply #33

2009-02-22 00:00:00

can somebody who wants 2 help me how 2 be a digimon master???? tell me how in a easy way.... (^_^)V

Reply #32

2009-01-31 00:00:00

you now how to digivoleving agumon to greymon

Reply #31

2009-01-09 00:00:00

Ok, whoever posted that war grey mon to anceint greymon,yer full of it,dont waste your time trying these out

Reply #30

2008-09-04 00:00:00

to get ninjamon: first get a palmon, then train its speed over 100, its brains over 250, and its mp over 1500. after that work on offense. make sure to weigh around 15 pounds when u digivolve and you should digivolve into a ninjamon. it is surprisingly strong for such a little guy lol especially since it is earth fire AND fighting

Reply #29

2008-08-12 00:00:00

To get mega seadramon get a seadramon and digivole it to sukamon.
now when u go to king sukamon to change sukamon back to seadramon it will digivole

Reply #28

2008-03-22 00:00:00

To get a champion digimon

his weight must over 15

Reply #27

2007-08-14 00:00:00


Reply #26

2006-12-20 00:00:00


tis game incerdible

i live in japan so i got the japenese version and i ve unlocked every monster

Nes Master
Reply #25

2006-12-08 00:00:00

This is a cheat but i dont know how this hapend.

i leave my augromon for when i was eating my lunch for 5 minutes. then when i came back my augromon digivoled to a tyrannimon.


Reply #24

2006-06-20 00:00:00

lots of money

trade lots of digmushroom with mojyiamon, for med recovery, then go to the another mojyiamon and trade all the med recovery for s.def disks,and then sell all them. you'll get 2000bits for each disk. you'll get lots of money, but be sure you have at least 20 digimushrums. liked yhe hint?so send me a e-mail or a message for pablo.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Selecting Characters:
Start a new game and when the black screen appears, hold down Triangle + Square + Circle. Now you will see a lot of items. Choose anyone you like and feed it to your digimon. If he doesn't want to eat, press Triangle + Square + Circle again, then feed it again. Your digimon will change after you feed it with all sorts of items. You can alter your digimon anytime. Just feed it something again. 

Evolve your digimon:
While your digimon is digivolving then press select + Start + Triangle + Square + Circle + Square. You'll then see the Digimons name flash. When this happens press Square and select the name of the digimon you want your digimon To evolve to. 

Get all Digimon:
To get all the Digimons, you have to do this. Press Triangle + Start + Circle + Select at start menu. If you do this code correctly you will hear Tai say "I'm finally a digimon master!"Get Garurumon : Sent in by Agumon9
Get Penguinmon or Gabumon. Train him to 1000+ MP, 100+ speed with 0-1 care mistakes. Make sure he weighs around 30lbs.

Get Gabumon:
To get Gabumon, when you start a new game and Jijimon asks you questions say you don't have a digivice and you don't have any friends, and you will get Gabumon instead of Agumon. 

Get Sukamon: 
Take an Rookie or Champion Digimon and let its virus scale reach full. It will eventually evolve into Sukamon. 

Get Kunemon: 
First defeat Kunemon. Next take an in-training digimon and have it go to sleep in Kunemon's Bed. There is a 50% chance he'll evolve into Kunemon. 

Easy Money: 
Buy a Meramon card from the secret card shop for 500 bits then enter the lava cave and talk to the demimeramon in the last screen. He will give you 1500 bits for the meramon card. 

First get Argumon and train its MP, Speed
and Brain. And when five days after it'll digivolve.

First get Greymon and feed his forty Giant
Meat and give Dark Claw to him.

First get a Metal Greymon and let it faint for once and he'll become sick then give him two hours of rest, when he woke up he'll digivolve straight away.

First get a War Greymon and feed him fifty





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