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Destruction Derby Raw

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Destruction Derby Raw

Midway / 2000-09-26


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Game Details

* 4 player multiplay.

* 31 tracks with Jumps, Crossovers, Tunnels, Multiple Routes and the Incredible Squeeze.

* New 3D collision system enables spectacular spins, flips and rolls.

* Controls have been fine-tuned to react more realistically; the addition of a handbrake control allows you to do great spins.

* Fully upgradeable car options.

* New Cash/Car management upgrade system - gamers can play "Smash for Cash" mode earning money to buy body parts.

* All new battles include Assault Mode, which teams you up with an armored military vehicle, and Skyscraper mode - a life and death challenge out on the rooftops.

* Earn extra points by using the destruction combination moves.

* 17 cars plus 7 bonus cars.

* 25 Tracks, 3 Bowls, 3 Skyscraper areas.

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  • tbn:ANd9GcTrxGylH4VX3Gk1hJGs8vRSKb1AJJWIplBW_v-dP5YjAtNqLy0ag2MkeiY


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Enter one of the following names and then start a championship game:

will give you access to the Ruineed Monastery track.

will prevent destruction of car.

will allow you to choose how many cars to wreck





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