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Delta Force- Urban Warfare

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Delta Force- Urban Warfare

NovaLogic / 2002-07-01

Shooter / First Person Shooter

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Game Details

Join the army, see the world, meet interesting people and kill them. Ah, the joys of military life. In Delta Force: Urban Warfare you get to don that comfy camo clothing and teach those naughty terrorists the error of their ways. In this ambitious PS one first-person shooter, you're a member of a top secret, crack US commando unit, the Delta Force. You can't trust anyone, so you're on a one-man mission to eliminate a terrorist cartel bent on nuclear carnage.

The Delta Force name is already well respected by the PC cognoscenti with a series of DF titles selling like hot cakes on that platform. Delta Force rappels into the console world with Urban Warfare and targets the dependable PS one as it's weapon of choice. The intense combat action takes place over 12 diverse missions. These range from capturing suspects for interrogation to an all-out assault on an oilrig. The bad guys don't take kindly to you blowing up their secret bases, so you'll find a horde of intelligent, heavily armed terrorist-types pointing the business end of automatic weapons at you. The advanced enemy AI means they'll react to noise, employ cover, use military tactics and even track you by following any blood (or other bodily fluids) you happen to be leaking.

To help even the odds, you have a pile of weapons and equipment that would make Gadaffi jealous. Fill your Delta Force Shopping trolley with assault rifles, sniper rifles, grenades and for that stealthy approach, rocket launchers. If you avoid the 'Twelve items or less aisle', you can also add thermal goggles, combat radar, night vision equipment or a security scrambler to your list of purchases. Then silently sneak into the lion's den and open up several cans of 'Whup Ass'.

As we've come to expect from the Delta Force family, this is no mindless frag-fest. A detailed and absorbing storyline propels you through each mission via cut-scenes and in-game radio messages taking the action in a distinctly Tom Clancy direction. With believable environments, realistic weaponry and cunning opponents Delta Force: Urban Warfare will bring out the GI Joe in all of us.

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Cheat mode:
Press Select, Right, Up, Down, Circle, Left, Square, Triangle, Circle at the main menu. A cheat menu with the following options will appear: "Invincible", "Invisible", "Silent", "Infinite Ammo", "Head Size", and "Level".





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