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Global Star Software / 2001-01-28

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

The world is living under a dark shadow of a nefarious dragon. Villagers are turning to stone. Armies of skeletons, swarms of wasps, and lumbering ogres lurk everywhere. Evil is spreading like a vine. And only you can stop it.

Scattered across the kingdom are seven ancient major crystals which together invoke the power of Orb. Without it, you have no hope of defeating your firebreathing nemesis. You will creep through dungeons and castles, explore wilderness and glades, and encounter traps, curses, and puzzles on your quest to unearth the crystals. It may take months. It may take years. It may take away any hope you ever had of living a normal, productive, twentieth-century life.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

And the world changes
If Gunther or Elmric has an item that you must have, don't do anything to change the world (avoid killing bosses, getting crystals and quest items or leveling up, as doing any of these things changes the items for sale in town). Instead, travel from town to Ardyl or Terrnya and get your cash there, as things in town will remain the same.

Staying Alive
The 'Vampire 20% Life Points" weapon is a real lifesaver, especially if it does +XX Damage points. Be weary of upgrading it though, as its duration expires very quickly.

Cheap Identification
To get items identified for a better price, drop the unidentified item in question in town, then pick it up, and Irma will only charge 50g or so depending on your trade level.






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