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Atlus Software / 2000-01-01

Role Playing Game


Game Details

The story takes place in a kingdom called Armekia… Located on the central plains of Forsena, Armekia finally brought peace to the land by finally defeating the country of Norugaldo, in the year 214. The long war was finally over…

However, in the second month of the year 215, King Hengist of Armekia was assassinated byAdmiral Zemekis. Armekia collapsed and Zemekis proclaimed himself emperor and established the Estoregales. He was possessed by the desire to conquer the world and began his assault on neighboring countries…

You will become one of the Knights of the Rune and participate in the war. Your mission is to stop the war on the continent and bring back peace to Forsena…

This RPG/Strategy brings together the best elements of Ogre Battle and Dragon Force to deliver the definitive fantasy tactical simulation. Featuring, fully polygonal 3-D battle scenes, proportional sized characters adding realism, over 30 hours of game play for each of the five characters, multiple class changes even for monster characters, participate in side quests to enhance the story and gain special items.

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2008-11-21 00:00:00

try to push the select and the start button to excess your level to level 30 press it the same time!!!!☻

Reply #1

2007-07-17 00:00:00

R2 L2 O X L1 R1


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Play as the Esgares Empire :
Press Start + L1 + R2 at the "General Select Screen". The difficulty selection screen will appear without a general being selected. Begin game play to control the Esgares Empire.

Have all characters to join:

all peace
X O L1 R2 R1 L2 up down square X




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