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Bomberman Party Edition

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Bomberman Party Edition

Vatical Entertainment / 2000-09-19


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Game Details

Bomberman returns to PlayStation for a bargain hurrah with Bomberman: Party Edition. This version of the seminal multiplayer game keeps it simple and classic. The game features 2D backdrops, bombs, players, and that's about it. The purity of Bomberman has returned. Grab this game, a multi-tap, and some friends, and bomb away like the halcyon days of yore. You'll travel through the familiar grid-like levels, nabbing power-ups as you try and obliterate the competition. Fun returns to a franchise that had seen better days.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Alternate block locations
Enter 56565656, 16161616 or 49894989 as a password for the beginner, normal, and hard difficulty settings in battle mode.

Special attack
Select one of the "4 Bomber Kings" or Great Bomber. Hold X and press the D-pad for a special attack.

Full power passwords
Level - Password
1 - 46224622
11 - 10191019
21 - 12221222
31 - 26572657
41 - 38793879

Show Time event passwords
Level - Password
10 - 3G59E326
20 - 3D5D49C4
30 - 8D5A4B26
40 - 8D5A4BCE





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