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Battle Hunter

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Battle Hunter

Agetec / 2001-06-20

Strategy / Turn Based Strategy


Game Details

You May Be In Too Deep!

In the near future, mankind survives a third “Great War," but just barely. The remaining scientists who are dedicated to bringing humanity back from the brink of extinction need vital information and special items that are stored in the ruins of former high-tech cities. Too dangerous for normal troops, these missions require the use of highly trained mercenaries code-named: “Hunters." These combat veterans face the terrors of a mutated underworld while competing with other Hunters for the chance to bring back the prized relics of the past!

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2005-04-01 00:00:00

Easy money:
An easy way to get money for a small character is to use up all the cards, causing the GON to come, then have someone with a BUNCH of def carry the key item, this will make the GON attack them. Then have the smaller person slowly peck away at the GON's health and eventually kill it, giving them a big attack bonus.

Note: The GON keeps coming back after you kill one.

The defender

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Enhance Characters
To start the game with boosted characters, enter the following
names when creating your hunter:
SHUICHI - Better movement, attack and added HP.
VIKEIF - Better attack and HP.




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