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Army Men- Air Attack 2

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Army Men- Air Attack 2

3DO / 2000-09-26

Air Combat

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Game Details

Join forces with Capt. William Blade, leader of Alpha Wolf Squadron, and battle Plastro's air force, which is led by ace pilot Baron von Beige. Other characters include Woodstock, Hooligan, Hardcore, Bombshell, Sarge, and Vikki. As players battle through 22 missions, they'll encounter such environments as a Japanese garden, Halloween night, the wild west, a flowerbed, and a backyard. Choppers include King Cobra, Chinook, Osprey, and Apache types, each of which has its unique weapons. Plastic-collection system unlocks secret toy abilities and hidden chopper weaponry. Real-time cutscenes, in-game voice-overs, and cinematic sequences keep players in the action. Go head-to-head, or try cooperative missions in Army Men: Air Attack 2's multiplayer modes.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Level passwords

Level 2 
Up, X, Triangle, Right, Left, Square, Circle, X 

Level 3 
Triangle, Circle, Down, Left, Square, Square, Up, Up 

Level 4 
X, Right, Left, X, Circle, Square, Square, Triangle 

Level 5 
Down, Down, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Right, X 

Level 6 
Triangle, X, Up, Left, Right, Left, Circle, Triangle 

Level 7 
Left, Square, Right, Down, Circle, X, X, Right 

Level 8 
Triangle, Right, Square, Square, Circle, Down, Down, X 

Level 9 
Up, X, Square, Left, Right, Circle, Left, Left 

Level 10 
Triangle, Up, Circle, X, Square, Down, Down, Down 

Level 11 
Circle, Circle, Up, Left, Right, X, Triangle, Square 

Level 12 
Right, Up, X, Right, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle 

Level 13 
Left, Left, Triangle, Circle, X, X, Down, Right 

Level 14 
Square, Right, Circle, Up, Down, Square, Down, X 

Level 15 
Left, Right, Circle, X, Square, Down, Down, Circle 

Level 16 
Triangle, Circle, X, Right, Right, Circle, Square, Down 

Level 17 
Square, Up, Up, Right, Left, Square, Down, X 

Level 18 
Circle, X, Right, Triangle, Square, Up, X, X 

Level 19 
Down, Right, X, Square, Right, Up, Circle, Circle 

Level 20 
Up, X, Circle, Up, Left, Square, Circle, X 





Army Men Air Attack 2 s0

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