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Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates

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Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates

Ubisoft / 2003-12-08

Massively Multiplayer Online / Puzzle

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Game Details

Be ye landlubber or sea dog, hoist yer sail for Puzzle Pirates and plunder a world of challenge and adventure. If it's the pirate's life ye crave, ye'll find plenty o' mateys to puzzle with online, or rally yer own crew fer a swashbucklin' good time.

Game Features:

* Puzzles Ahoy! Try yer hand at 11 scurvy multiplayer puzzles, like swordfighting, sailing, and other skilled pursuits, to earn yer keep with the crew.

* A Place fer Every Pirate! Trade wares as a merchant, drink rum with yer mateys, or battle ship-to-ship in this hearty, accessible pirate world.

* Yer Crew Awaits... Join a pirate community of thousands of fellow players and find a crew of like-minded adventurers, or sail the thirty-seven seas with yer favorite buckos from home.

* A Treasure Trove in the Box: Sharpen yer sea-farin' skills in exclusive single-player games, plunder a booty of in-game items, and lay claim to a free month's subscription!

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Reply #69

2010-10-25 00:00:00

While it is true that numerous times people try to scam you, each server has a hidden cheat character. That's probably where the /pay scam originated from. The trick is that the user would type /pay (server's cheat character) and then they would receive a certain amount more back. However, the character is different from server to server, as I've tried using the cheat on Sage and Viridian but nothing happens. The cheat only seems to work on Hunter, and sometimes requires a second payment, though you get even more poe. You have to be on Hunter, then type /pay Poehunt 1000 (Seems to only work with 1000) then hit OK.

Hunter of Gold
Reply #68

2010-09-12 00:00:00

This is a glitch that can be used to make money in Yahoo! Puzzle Pirates. Unfortunately, this glitch cannot be used with X amount of POE/Doubloons. However, it works, and that's what counts. The good part about this glitch is that it works on ANY ocean. I'll repeat that; ANY ocean. Just follow the instructions below.

1: Login to your YPP account. Please note that the probability of this glitch working is greatly reduced if playing in your browser.

2: Go to the "Ye" tab on the right sidebar and click "Notice Board".

3: Click the "Puzzles" tab and select the bilging puzzle, and then the "Play Now!" button. You will immediately be transported to a ship.

4: Find a bilging station on the ship. If all are taken, look for a bilger with a white name (AI). Click them, and click the "Ask to move" button. If there are no pirates with white names occupying the bilging stations, repeat steps 2 and 3.

5: After starting the bilging mini-game, just do nothing and stay idle.

6: After 1 league (when the ship pauses), leave the ship by clicking the "Ye" tab and clicking "Go Home".

7: Navigate to the nearest bank. Upon entering, attempt to buy a Doubloon. Do not buy one, but log the amount of POE you would receive.

8: Navigate to the nearest Inn. Once there, find an AI (Player with a white name).
Click on the "Say" button next to the chat box and select "Tell". Type in the name of the AI in the first box and in the second box type "Help!" without the quotes.

9: Click on the "Say" button next to the chat box and select "Say". In the chat box, type "/pay [name] [poe]" (without the quotes), replacing [name] with the name of the AI and [poe] with the amount of poe logged in step 7. Push Enter/Return.

10: Click the "Ye" tab and select "Go Home".

11: Logout.

12: Wait 5 minutes.

13: Log back in. Your account should be credited with the amount of poe logged in step 7. Note that this does NOT work if the amount of poe found in step 7 is replaced.

Have fun!

Reply #67

2009-04-12 00:00:00

to get ten times your money back on hunter ocean submit /pay schmuty (then the amount of money to ten times back) and you will see that you have ten times your money BACK!!

I own 12 elephats and 5 war frigates by doing this!

Reply #66

2009-02-21 00:00:00

listen guys, that /pay username cheats is a bunch of BS, i mean why do u think most people post /pay username "1000", and when people say there Bots, spare me, i no bots, bots are supposed to be "always" on puzzle pirates, there not human, its a endless program, i tested it out, i did /pay some cheat someone posted, and the user wasnt online, thats how u no someones Bull shating you, plz dont fall for that crap

Even though /pay thing is nonsense, i do no that u can hack in puzzle pirates, i no that for sure, i saw many people using whats known as the speed hack, if anyone knows how to hack and wants to teach me how, on puzzle pirates type tell Goldblade whatever u want to tell me, im on sage ocean.

The only thing i know how to hack are PSPs so message me if u want to that stuff, thanks.

Reply #65

2008-11-22 00:00:00

Want a free crew? listen to me then. Look for a crew with either democratic or ogliarch politics(one with less than 5 members) , you can do this by looking at a crews main page. Now for a democratic crew you can be any rank for an ogliarch you muct be SO. If you do it in an ogliarch crew become an SO, then when everyone else is offline, create other pirates and make them SO in youre crew then get them to vote for you to be captain. when they do you will become captain, (remeber in a crew with less than 5 members). you can do the same for democratic but you can be any rank to do it. good luck
p.s its better if you have a captains badge so u can expel the old captain otherwise you will have to put up with him.

Reply #64

2008-08-25 00:00:00

OK, this is for rumble. i dont know if it is good for pvp's too, or just against NPC's.
If you are having trouble with the rumble missions, this is for you :D (lol) OK, so, if you hold down the button that sends the peice out, it will start to glow. (spoooky) (FYI:it doesnt count as one of the three, so if you have like, 2 reds, then you do a glowing red, dont expect it to go away!) If you have a couple of growing ones together, when you hit one, it will go, BOOM,, or something like that :P. this makes a bigger hit on your opponet, and is the only reason i won one of the rumble missions that i couldnt get past!! Tell drewdude if this was helpfull...or if you thought it stunk... (hunter ocean!)

Reply #63

2008-08-24 00:00:00


Reply #62

2008-08-10 00:00:00

please do this because it really does work unlike the others type in /pay rman how many poe and you will get 3 times as meny back

Reply #61

2008-08-08 00:00:00

i met a guy caled theflame hes a bot,but if you type in /pay theflame then type in the money that you have then press yea and in a few seconds your money will double now im rich because of it its great and you can do it lots of times

Reply #60

2008-07-26 00:00:00

there is a computer player named senitor and he is in the veridian ocean (only) and he will dupliket you money but only 1000poe nothing higher(witch sucks i think) and it takes 5 seconds to duplikat you money:)(but only works 2 times):)

the master of cheats

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