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Tom Clancys Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

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Tom Clancys Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

Ubisoft / 2003-01-03

Shooter / First Person Shooter


Game Details

Tom Clancy techno-thriller universe is back!

Once more we find the international operatives of Team Rainbow at the centre of mass geopolitical turmoil where they must call upon all their skills, resources and experience in the field to protect innocents.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six®: Raven Shield is the sequel to the immensely popular Rainbow Six®: Rogue Spear, 2000 Action Game Of The Year, and Rainbow Six®, 1999 Action Game Of The Year.

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2008-08-18 00:00:00

To activate Rainbow Six: Raven Shield cheats press [~] to bring up the console and then type:

behindView 1 - Allows you to play in third person (0 is first person)
ghost - Allows you to fly around the map (typing Walk will end it)
fullAmmo - Stocks your player with lots of ammo
demoRec demoname - Records a demo of your current game
stopDemo - Stops recording current demo
demoPlay demoname - Plays the demo you call upon
god - Makes you invincible
godteam - Makes you and your team invincible
godhostage - Makes the hostages invincible (1 - Yes, 2 - No)
godall - Activates all the god modes
toggleUnlimitedPractice - Mission objectives are updated but game never ends
toggleCollision - Allows you to walk through other actors (team, terrorists and hostages)
toggleThreatInfo - Shows threat info

neutralizeTerro - Neutralises all terrorists on the level
disarmbombs - Disarms all the bombs on the level
deactivateIODevice - Deactivate IODevice like phones, laptop (ie: plant a bug)
rescuteHostage - "Rescues" all hostages on the level
disableMorality - Disables morality rules

Terrorist Commands:
callTerro - Calls all terrorists to your location
playerInvisible - Toggle player detection by terrorists
tSurrender - All terrorists surrender on sight
tSprayFire - Makes the terrorists shoot wildly when they see you
tAimedfire - Makes all terrorists aim and fire at you
tRunAway - Makes all terrorists run away from you
tNoThreat - Sets all terrorits back to their original no threat state
rendSpot - Allows you to see where all terrorists have spawned on the map

Hostage Commands:
toggleHostageThreat - Toggles hostages threat info
setHPos - Sets the hostage position (0=Stand, 1=Kneel, 2=Prone, 3=Foetus, 4=Crouch, 5=Random)
resetThreat - Resets hostages threat
HNA - Plays next hostage animation
HPA - Plays previous hostage animation
HP - Plays animation of hostage (0=no loop, 1=Loop)

Teammates, Hostages, Terrorists Commands:
showFOV - Shows the field of view of all actors
gunDirection - Displays weapon direction of all actors with a "laser beam"
route - Shows where terrorists and hostages have moved through out the map
routeAll - Shows all routes that Terrorists and Hostages take (Will cause lag)
killThemAll - Kills and removes all non-playor actors
killTerro - Kills and removes all terrorists
killhostage - Kills and removes all hostages
killRainbow - Kills all Rainbow operatives


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