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Star Trek- Starfleet Command III

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Star Trek- Starfleet Command III

Activision / 2002-11-29


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From the Manufacturer: The alliance between the Klingons and the United Federation of Planets has never been stronger. Together, they begin construction of a starbase with the ability to detect cloaked ships in the neutral zone. The only thing standing in their way: the Romulans. Play three-sides of an epic conflict for control of the galaxy. Customize each ship's weapons, shields and combat systems to create thousands of ship variants. Recruit crew members who improve your fleet by gaining experience and abilities. Engage in large-scale real-time, ship-to-ship combat. Improved multiplayer Dynaverse mode allows dozens of players to fight for galactic supremacy. An exciting multiplayer component allows you to join one of 4 empires and fight alongside and against other captains for control of the galaxy. You'll be able to form fleets with your friends to raid enemy convoys, siege planets, and attack enemy fortifications. Each victory will bring your side more prestige to bolster its forces for future conflicts. Although the challenges are many, the goal is one: command your starship to victory for your empire.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Search for the cloaked ships
Before a ship cloaks, enable "Follow Target". When the ship cloaks, you will not be able to target it, but will be facing it when it decloaks.





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