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Soldier of Fortune

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Soldier of Fortune

Activision / 2000-03-28

Shooter / First Person Shooter

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Game Details

You're the world's deadliest soldier of fortune and your mission is clear: survive. Track your prey across the globe in a series of secret missions to take down a fanatical terrorist organization before it takes you down. Maintain your cover as a covert warrior in a startling variety of explosive missions ranging from underhanded sabotage to stealthy assassination to full frontal assaults where skill marks the difference between the hunter and the hunted.

Tear your way past enemy lines utilizing the world's most lethal weaponry, including a sniper rifle, white phosphorous grenades, and prototype microwave pulse guns. Real bullets do real damage: shoot someone in the leg and he falls, writhing and grasping his wound; shoot someone in the head and he falls down dead.

Based on the popular magazine of the same name, Soldier of Fortune delivers the most realistic, covert-operative themed shooter experience ever created. Like a blockbuster action-thriller, Soldier of Fortune plunges you into the secret and deadly world of the modern-day gun-for-hire via dozens of real-to-life missions spanning five continents and innovative multiplayer modes.

Welcome to the secret world of the mercenary.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Enter these at the console. To get the console, right-click on sof.exe in your 
demo directory and choose "Create shortcut" and then right-click on the 
shortcut you've created and choose "Properties". Change the command line to add 

+set console 1 
It should look something like this when finished:
"c:\....\SOF\sof.exe" +set console 1 
Bring up the console by pressing "~": 

Code	Result	
heretic 	God Mode	
phantom 	Walk Through Walls	
ninja    	Enemies Don't See You	
elbow    	Give Weapons 1-5	
bigelbow	Give Weapons 6-10	
matrix #	Timescale (replace # with 1-10)	

Gimme item_weapon_assault_rifle = SMG 
Gimme item_weapon_pistol = 9mm 
Gimme item_weapon_pistol2 = .44 
Gimme item_weapon_rocketlauncher = Rocket Launcher 
Gimme item_weapon_sniper_rifle = Sniper Rifle 
Gimme item_weapon_shotgun = Combat Shotgun 

Gimme item_ammo_knife = Combat Knives 
Gimme item_ammo_auto = SMG Ammo 
Gimme item_ammo_pistol = 9mm Ammo 
Gimme item_ammo_pistol2 = .44 Ammo 
Gimme item_ammo_rocket = Rocket Launcher Ammo 
Gimme item_ammo_shotgun = Combat Shotgun Ammo 

Gimme item_equip_armor = Body Armor 
Gimme item_equip_c4 = C4 explosive 
Gimme item_equip_flashpack = Flashbangs 
Gimme item_equip_grenade = Frag Grenades 
Gimme item_equip_light_goggles = NVG 
Gimme item_equip_claymore = Claymore Mines 

YC = Models from the Subway Level 
AFR = Models from the Train Level 
SIB = Models from the Siberia Level

Gimme m_nyc_mpunk = Mohawk punk 
Gimme m_nyc_mskinhead1 = Skinhead 
Gimme m_nyc_mskinhead2a = Skinhead 
Gimme m_nyc_mswat = SWAT Guy 
Gimme m_nyc_mswatleader = SWAT Leader 
Gimme m_nyc_mpoliticion = Politician 
Gimme m_nyc_m_x_mmerc = N/A 
Gimme m_nyc_m_x_mcharacter = John Mullins 
Gimme m_nyc_m_x_mskinboss = N/A 
Gimme m_nyc_ebum = Bum Civilian 
Gimme m_nyc_estockbroker = Stockbroker Civilian 
Gimme m_nyc_etourist = Tourist Civilian 
Gimme m_afr_msoldier1a = African Soldier 
Gimme m_afr_msoldier1b = African Soldier 
Gimme m_afr_msoldier2 = African Soldier 
Gimme m_afr_msniper = African Soldier 
Gimme m_afr_m_x_mcharacter = John Mullins 
Gimme m_cas_mraider1 = Special Operations, w/HMG 
Gimme m_sib_mguard4 = Siberian Guard, w/SMG 
Gimme misc_bosnia_truck_old = Truck 
Gimme m_afr_m_x_chopper_green = Chopper 





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