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RuneScape is a Java-based Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) operated by Jagex Ltd. Recognised by Guiness World Records as the world's most popular free MMORPG,[1] RuneScape has approximately fifteen million active free accounts and is a graphical browser-based game with a large degree of 3D rendering.

RuneScape was created by Andrew Gower, the creator of DeviousMUD, the forerunner to RuneScape, in 1998. Rewritten and renamed, the first version of RuneScape was released to the public on 4 January 2001 in beta form. It has a free-to-play option, and a simple interface that is accessible on most web browsers.

RuneScape takes place in the fantasy-themed realm of Gielinor, which is divided into several different kingdoms, regions, and cities.[2][3] Players can travel throughout Gielinor on foot, by using magical teleportation spells and devices, or mechanical means of transportation.[4] Each region offers different types of monsters, materials, and quests to challenge players. Unlike many other MMORPGs, there is no linear path that must be followed. Players appear on the screen as customisable avatars, setting their own goals and objectives. Players can combat both monsters and other players, complete quests, or increase their experience in any of the available skills.[5] Players interact with each other through trading, chatting, or playing combative or cooperative mini-games.

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Reply #4455

2010-11-20 00:00:00

There actually is no such thing as easy money in runescape. But this is the easiest of all money tips you'll ever find. This is what you need to do: ( this is for f2p too)

1) Get your prayer up to 31.
2) Go to the monastery in edgeville.
3) There will be a guy named Abbot Langely(dunno how to spell the name but you get the point)
4) Ask him if you could be a member of his i don't know what. (you need a prayer lvl of 31)
5) He will accept if you have a prayer lvl of 31+. Remeber: THIS MONEY MAKING STRATEGY IS FOR F2P TOO.
6) When he Accepts, climb up the ladder.You'll see monk robes on a table in a room right near you. Take only the tops and not the bottoms. The tops sell for 1620gp in G.E. and they are quick sellers. Keep doing it. 2 full inventories will give you 91k+ for max price. Warning: Monk Robe Tops don't spawn so fast so it will take some time just to get 5. But it sure is worth it.
I hope I helped. Thx For Reading.

Reply #4454

2010-03-25 00:00:00

if you want heaps of money in rs follow this guide for up to 300k a day!!

it involves woodcutting so all you need to do is buy a hatchet... (this guide will also be a guide for 1-99 wc)

1-15) cut normal trees anywhere you can......varrock would be fine as it is close to a bank.

15-35)- cut oaks from the trees just south of the G.E. right next to the west bank in varrock.

35-60) here comes the challinging part for non mems...cut willows at draynor market until you get 60 wcing

60-99) cut yews at falador, you have done it!


follow the previous guide until you get 45 wcing. cut maples at camalot until you get 65 wcing

65-80) cut yews at the spot just soulh of the bank in camalot, just west of the flax fields.

80-99) cut magig logs just south of the yews in camalot.


if you have any questions add me pilot 619 on rs.


pilot 619
Reply #4453

2010-03-07 00:00:00

Great way is to make a new account, find experienced players, and ask them for stuff. Then transfer it all over to your main account. Then go back and do it all again. (DON'T TRAIN AND STAY LVL 3 FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE, PEOPLE MOST LIKELY WONT GIVE YOU FREE THINGS IF LEVEL 4 OR HIGHER, TRUST ME :p .) And you can make more then one account, because then you wont have to wait longer to get another 5k.

Your mom
Reply #4452

2009-12-13 00:00:00

if you want money fast, join the dragontamers clan

zamarake13(starter of clan)
Reply #4451

2009-11-06 00:00:00

want items like rune or even zamorak? want to win like 200k or even 1mill in 10-15mins? Heres how, go to world 102, then go to falador party room, then pop the balloons!! just left click them then left click again to pick up your item sometimes you will get nothing but thats just how it works. then bank your items and start again (this helps if your a member cos you get bigger banks) i did this for about 3 hours and got 500k's worth of stuff. Garunteed to work!!!!

Reply #4450

2009-10-06 00:00:00

If you have a level of 32 cooking, then go in to the cooks guild and collect all the cooking apples until you have a full inventory. Go to the grand exchange, and all together you can sell them for about 7000! :-D I did this for an hour, and ended up with 100,000 ! :-)

Good luck!

Reply #4449

2009-09-26 00:00:00

Hey im a noob. an easy way to make money for everyone is to kill chickens and collect the feathers. when u have 3000+ sell em at the grand exchange. another way to kill cows n collect the hides. Get them tanned into soft leather n sell em at the grand exchange.

Will make easy money

if u need help add me - Milamber090

Reply #4448

2009-09-03 00:00:00

o yeah add bfcirvine on runescape if your interested :D

Reply #4447

2009-09-03 00:00:00

hey im looking to swap a lvl 49 guardian for a runescape account lvl 40+

Reply #4446

2009-08-20 00:00:00

To get money, roam around PvP worlds and pick up Adamnt and Mithril arrows, since they get used to attack people because of their power. Some richer players leave the arrows on the ground, so pick them up and bank them. They are stackable, so you can do this for as long as you like. But beware - there are annoying pkers, so watch out.


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Easy money
Go to Port Sarim, west of Draynor village, and ask one of the people in the blue uniforms to go to Karamja and pay them 30 GP. When you get there, walk off the dock and you should see a house. Enter the house and talk to a man named Luthas. He will ask you to pick bananas. Answer "Yes", pick bananas, put them in the crate, then talk to Luthas to collect your moderately earned 30 GP. If you would like more money in multiples of 30, ask him to get another 30 GP for doing the job again. Stay here for a long time if you need to spend several thousand on items.

Go to Port Sarim and do the banana thing and put a bottle of rum in the crate then go in and collect your GP. Then go back outside and to Port Sarim get a white apron and go get a job in the grocery store at Sarim. Search the crate in the back and take the rum and some bananas. Then go to the bar in Sarim, give the drunk the rum and then, when you are done, go up to varrock or someplace and sell the bananas.






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