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Roller Coaster Tycoon Loopy Landscapes

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Roller Coaster Tycoon Loopy Landscapes

Atari / 2000-09-30

Simulation / Empire Building Simulation

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Rename the guests to the following:

Chris Sawyer - He goes around taking pictures of people

Simon Foster - Guest goes around painting pictures.

Melanie Warn - Makes all the guests in the park happy

Katie Brayshaw - Goes around park waveing at everyone

John Mace - Gets on rides for free

John Wardly - Keeps saying "WOW" all the time

Damon Hill - Goes extra fast on goKarts

Tony Day - Makes the Guest Hungry.

Guest 1 and 2 are argly ever seen. Usualy starts with guest 4 entering the park. Why do you argly see guests 1 and 2 is because there is a cheat for them. If your lucky to get guest 1 and 2 into your park then rename Guest 1 to E=MC2 and Guest 2 to E=MC3. They will meet up and have a brain storm and will ask you if you want them to be your reserchers. Press yes and they will research everything and you will also get 10 millon to spend.
When your park is thriving, put up a "no entry" banner in front of the exit. A vast amount of guests who want to leave will not be able to, and will hang around by the exit. Note: Your park rating will drop. When you remove the banner, the crowd will stream out like lemmings.

Waving guest
Enter "Katie Brayshaw" as a guest name to have them walk around and wave to everyone they meet.

Hungry guest
Enter "Tony Day" as a guest name.

Happy guest
Enter "Melanie Warn" as a guest name.

Double payment for rides guest
Enter "John Mace" as a guest name.

"Wow!" thinking guest
Enter "John Wardley" as a guest name.

Faster Go-Karts
Enter "Damon Hill" as a guest name. Enter "Michael Schumacher" as a guest name to race even faster.





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