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RF Online is an epic mix of traditional fantasy MMOG mixed with unique futuristic sci-fi action to bring an entirely new and original take on the existing MMORPG genre. Set in a deep space galaxy known as Novus, take your pick from three all-powerful warring factions leading your character into the final battle for total control over the entire Novus galaxy. Chose from either the Bellato Union, taking control of individual robot battle units like never seen before within any MMOG, Holy Alliance Cora, the mystical and fantasy orientated race utilising the power of magic and finally the mighty Accretia Empire, a futuristic alien race intent on spreading destruction across the entire sector with their advanced weaponry systems.

The Races:
The Accretian Empire follows a totalitarian regime where goals are for the Empire, a thought that is embraced by its followers. There is no feeling when it comes to the destruction of other races and for good reason, for the Accretia are a race of mechanised units with a materialistic thinking. The Accretia are proud to be the strongest and most formidable race in the galaxy, and are proud of the huge weapons they have created to kill men, women and all things living. Their need to expand to the further reaches of the universe to become even stronger is paramount and a key driving force to their being. This has inevitably led them to the Planet Novus and the arcane civilisations it plays home to.

The Cora Holy Alliance is a spiritual civilisation with a firm belief in religion and the magical arts. Though the history of the Cora has been built on religious wars, which has created multiple states and nations, the country is strongly unified through its core religious beliefs. The Cora people, united as the Holy Alliance, now battle for their survival using the magical powers drawn from their spiritual beliefs, and traditional weapons blessed by their god, Disem.

The Bellato Union utilise machines and some magic in their culture. Renowned for their great mechanical minds, intelligence and hand-eye coordination, the Bellato can construct huge armoured battle mechs and weapons to use in the war. Though they are physically strong and intelligent, the huge gravitational energies from their home planet have left the Bellato with smaller builds. The Bellato are experienced traders and their financial minds and greed have driven the need to extend out to other planets, to colonize and claim resource. To expand to the rest of the universe, the Bellato have to ensure that the Novus Sector doesn't fall under the supremacy of the Accretia or Cora. This desire to expand and grow will no doubt leave the galaxy engulfed in turmoil and chaos.

The epic race for supremacy has begun...

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Reply #95

2011-03-02 00:00:00

Can you give me the cheat damage belatto, rf celestial? how to use it

Reply #94

2009-10-22 00:00:00

i want cheat 10x damage and fly also cp/dalant/disena..
and i want new ceat for Rf for leveling and get dalant,soo pls help

yours faithfully
send to my email :

plss give me ceat
Reply #93

2009-07-22 00:00:00

can you help me do some cheats,bug or anything i can do to rf online??please?

send me at my

^__^thank you.

Reply #92

2009-01-28 00:00:00

EmMM HoW to Use cheat foR RF online...???

Pliss SeND a Message to My email At

Reply #91

2008-12-19 00:00:00

i just want to know if somebody would send me cheats that will help me to make leveling easily?

Reply #90

2008-12-12 00:00:00

HI! im a currently playing as a member of the bellato union. could give me some hints or even a hack program. please send to my email add.

Reply #89

2008-11-28 00:00:00

Ok i a FCK tired in Official RF Online everybody have int+5 weapon and perf eles and billions..
there are a lot of new little lvl 40 - 45 ppl who buy 50 int +5 weapon and eles?

i buy from RMT-ers some money but i dont have more dollar ..!what should i do..?
so if someone have upgrade or Money,gold.i hope u can share,please..!send to

its me
Reply #88

2008-11-27 00:00:00

hy....!iam really getting trouble playing rf online indonesia.i need cp/gold or leveling cheats.everyone,i count on u....!send to cool.....!

yudha adity
Reply #87

2008-10-08 00:00:00

Hi,I play Indonesian RF online...I play it for a long times...its almost 1 year :(,but until this time..i've nothing...i have no CP..or great equip for hunt or chip wars..pls..if someone have a cheat for indonesia RF online..would you help me??

Reply #86

2008-09-27 00:00:00

i want cheat 10x damage and fly also cp/dalant/disena..
send to my email :

THX a lot..


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