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CDV Software / 2005-03-22

Shooter / First Person Shooter

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Game Details

PsychoToxic places gamers in the shoes of heroine Angie Prophet whois faced with the daunting task for saving mankind from impending Nuclear Armageddon.

The year is 2022, the place is New York City.

Angie Prophet...half human, half the only one who can defeat the Fourth Horseman of theApocalypse, an evil character from ancient Babylon.

Throughout the game, Angie comes to an understanding of her role as civilization's savior, discovering a series of unique abilities, such as invisibility, the slowing of time and theinfiltration of other's dreams all of which aid her progress.

Product Highlights

Level Design and Gameplay

Parts of the game take place in modern New York and Washington D.C.  Angie will have tofight her way through Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, a museum, the Federal Bureau of Investigations building, an airport and many other exciting locations.

Angie will also have to use her magic powers to dive intothe subconsciousness of key characters to continue the fight against evil and succeed with her mission.

Dream levels include: a cartoon level, zombie plant, medieval village, and other dark dream worlds, where Angie will face her mostdreaded enemies to acquire important information that are tucked deep into the characters subconscious.

Product Features

  • Highly interactive environment with nearly everything being destructible.
  • 29 richlydetailed levels, 8 of which are unique "dream stages" tat take Angie inside the dreams (and nightmares) of other characters.
  • Nonstop action with 20 to 25 hours of gameplay.
  • Battle 90 unique and different enemies -all utilizing t

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