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Octopi / 2006-08-01

Massively Multiplayer Online / Turn Based Strategy


Game Details

PoxNora is a collectible, turn-based, tactical fantasy game in which players command armies of fantastic creatures, cast spells of devastating power, and summon artifacts of ancient renown in order to defeat their opponents. These creatures, spells, and artifacts are represented by Runes - items of magical power that, when activated, come to life on the battlefield.

Like any other collectible game, PoxNora has two facets. In addition to the gameplay itself, there is the collectible, creative aspect in which a player assembles a customized set of items for play. In PoxNora, this set of items is called a pox battlegroup, or pox, for short, and consists of exactly 20 Runes.

To assemble a customized battlegroup, you must first have Runes in your collection. Initially, however, your collection will be empty. For your first few games, you will want to use a pre-configured pox battlegroup that came with your account. The Runes in this battle group are not a part of your collection, and cannot be upgraded, but the battlegroup can be used for play anytime.

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2009-01-05 00:00:00

first u need cheat engine any version with the speed hack is fine next chalenge some 1 to a game when game starts on his turn slow speed down to 4X as much as regular he'll think its lag and be able to only move like 1 peice per turn then when your turn starts click it back to normal presto free "lag" win


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