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Might And Magic IX

3DO / 2002-03-30

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

Explore A Graphically Realistic Universe Filled With Dark Foreboding Dungeons And Lush Outdoor Environments. Create And Lead A Party Of Four Player Characters And Up To Three Non-player Characters In Your Quest. Develop Each Characters Skills In The Talents Of Either Might Or Magic. Master The New Intuitive Interface New Spell Combat System And New Conversation System. Its A Whole New Adventure With An All-new Look.the Story it Was Just Supposed To Be A Simple Supply Run From Chedian To Mendossus But Fate Intervened With A Storm Powerful Enough To Leave You Shipwrecked! Your Adventure Begins As You And Your Party Find Yourselves Shipwrecked On The Isle Of Ashes. Yet Strangely It Is This Unfortunate Catastrophe That Kept You And Your Party Safe From The Bloodthirsty Beldonian Horde That Is Now Poised To Invade Your Homeland Of Chedian. Your Destiny Begins To Unfold When You Learn That You Are The Only Chance For Chedians Survival And That You Must Unite The Six Clans Of The Chedian Against The Beldonian Horde. The Fate Of Your Peaceful Homeland Rests In Your Hands! game Features stunning 3d Game Engine Creates A Whole-new Realistic Gaming Experience! choose From Over 65 Quests To Complete Along The Way. tailor Each Characters Development To Be Stronger In Either Might Or Magic create A Party Of 4 Main Characters And Hire Non-player Characters To Fight Alongside You. explore Over 40 Massive Levels. 23 Skills To Customize Your Characters Abilities.

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Reply #6

2008-08-28 00:00:00

ask that troll ladie for the key. she has it. she just forgot to give it to u

Reply #5

2008-08-28 00:00:00

ask the troll ladie back on the island. she has the key but forgot to give it to u

the dude
Reply #4

2008-07-11 00:00:00

I am on the isle of ashes. The door won't open and I can't get through the window. Any suggestions?

Reply #3

2008-05-22 00:00:00

hey guys, can someone help me about my quest?,,
where can i find the "missing relic"? Leffery Caid in Lindisfarne Monastery gave me the quest. I cant find it

Reply #2

2004-04-07 00:00:00

Yo, chris just try jumping around in there and eventually it will let you out. The same thing happened to me, but just keep trying and it should work out pretty well. I hope this helps


Reply #1

2004-01-18 00:00:00

Please help.........I,m having lot of problems making it through the Dungeon of Secrets in Frosgrard without setting off a trap.
I already have the Everstrike bow and now cannot move on. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME. CHRIS


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Unlimited chest
At Thjorgard Mine (where you are supposed to fix something), there is a hut by the entrance with a chest in it. Get it. Enter the mine and leave the mine. Go back to the hut and ta-da! The chest is filled with cool stuff again!

Huge discount on cool items
At Thjorgard City, there is an inn. Go upstairs and enter the first door on the left. You will see three people standing. One is an arms dealer, the other is a weapons dealer and the last one is a trainer. They will sell stuff and train you at incredibly cheap prices! If you sell them stuff, they will pay you higher than other places!

Unlimited black chests
Go to the dragon cave and enter, then go far enough for the dragon to appear. After he appears, cast a lyods beacon, then leave. Outside, cast lyods beacon again and the dragon will not be there. Now you have two black chests to loot. Leave, and keep coming back and the chests will be there with items in them.

Unlimited items
When entering the locked door on the Isle of Ashes, open the chest to the right, just inside the door. Do not click on the book -- this will take you to the next part of the game. Instead, go back through the door and enter the Verhoffin Ruins. Do not enter the doors. You are not strong enough to kill the skeletons in there. While in here, go down the hall and around the corner to the end and open the chest. Take everything and leave. Go back to the now opened door and look at the chest. It should now be closed. Re-open it and take everything. Go back to the ruins, leave ruins, go back to chest, and the chest will be closed again. Keep going backwards and forwards collecting items from same chest. Note: This was done with the v1.2 patch of the game.

There are two chests in the area where the old woman will give you the Dragonfly quest. One is at the end of the Dragonfly Cave and the other is inside the keep (door which could not open). Go inside the ruin castle and exit to get to the loading screen. Those chests will now be reset and filled with items, spells, skills, and items. This can be repeated as many times as needed. Note: This was done with v1.0 of the game.

Unlimited artifacts:
Go to Thjorgard Training Hall. Fall down the chandelier and go west. Break the crate where the black chest is located and get the artifact. Leave through the door with all the lizards and return. A different powerful artifact will be there every time.





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