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Kingdom Under Fire

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Kingdom Under Fire

Take2 Interactive / 2001-01-14

Strategy / Real Time Strategy

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Game Details

Phantagram presents Kingdom Under Fire, an RPG/RTS hybrid that follows the battles of any one of seven heroes (the player) in a land scathed by 'The War of the Xok Knights' or 'The War of the Heroes.'

The single-player campaign mode contains an intricate story that reveals itself as the player progresses from mission to mission. As each mission unfolds, the truth behind the war is revealed little by little, as are relations between heroes.

With the support of Phantagram's servers at, up to eight players will be able to play simultaneously in Ladder- and League-mode multi-player games.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

 While playing, press [ENTER] then type any of the following codes: 

Code            Result 
~makemyday           Enable Cheat Codes 
~baegopa             Add 500,000 to All Resources 
~simsimhae           Fast Build 
~dayspring           Reveal Map 
~godblessu           Full Health 
~amosbemerciful      Full Mana 
~knowledgeispower    Fast Mana Rejuvenation 
~opensesame          Open All Doors in RPG Mode 
~hastalavista        Destroy Selected Unit or Structure 

The Following only work in v1.09
~theuntouchable      God Mode
~lickmybun           Level Up

RPG Mode
While in RPG Mode, use "." instead of "~" with cheat codes. 





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