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Jagged Alliance

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Jagged Alliance

Sirtech Software / 0000-00-00


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Lock & Load.... Your Going in. Welcome To The Jungle... Jagged Alliance (JA) is set on the island of Metavira, the sweltering jungle home to the panacean fallow tree, whose sap can cure every ailment know to mankind. Ruthless pharmaceutical companies pay handsomely for the sap, and some unsavory characters might be willing to resort to violence in order to be the one who sells it to them. Brenda and Jack Richards, the father-daughter scientists who researched the fallow tree have fallen prey to their unscrupulous former-partner, Dr. Lucas Santino. Santino has hired a band of mercenaries and seized control of the island so he can harvest, produce, and sell the fallow tree sap. The Richards' contact you in the hope that you can wrestle control of the island from Santino and his boys. Santino is a very determined man... To do this, you're going to need mercenaries of your own. That's where A.I.M. (the Association of International Mercenaries) comes in. A.I.M. is sort of a mercenary clearing-house where you can select from among 60 different mercenaries to find the ones who you think are best suited to battle for control of the island, the fallow tree, and the fate of modern medicine. Ultimately, your goal is to take control of the island away from Santino. Jagged Alliance is unlike any other game in that it is a strategy game, role playing game, tactical combat and strategic wargame all rolled seamlessly into one exceptional adventure like storyline and game experience. This game has "personality" that you just wont stop playing. With over 60 mercenaries, 60 attitudes, 60 voices and over 4000 lines of spoken text from them you will get to know all the players on the island. Enormous care was taken in the creating of each mercenary to give them distinct personalities, strengths, and weaknesses.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Want extra equipment? Make sure you are in your sector. Press Alt+S to quick save your game. Then take an item from the speed inventory bar on the bottom of the screen. Press Alt+R to restore game. Now you have item in the hand and in the inventory (it was restored)! Now simply place this item into the free slot of your inventory. You have two items!

When it is your opponents turn to move quickly press [Ctrl+F] and the right to move will go back to you without giving your opponents a Chance to move.

Move your merc until his action points turn red, then click on reserve points and you can move him as far as you want.





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