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Indiana Jones

LucasArts / 2000-05-25

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

An all new action-adventure epic starring Indiana Jones, the greatest action hero of all times.

Whip, crawl, run, leap, swim and climb your way through amazing 3D environments. Puzzle your way through 16 chapters of gripping, action-packed story. explore dozens of exotic locales, from themysterious ruins of Babylon through the underground labrinths of the Olmecs. All the weapons you'll need, including post WWII era assault rifles, Red Army machine guns, bazookas, satchel charges and of course Indy's trusty whip and pistol. Enemies you'll encounter include Communist goons, the venomous Spider Idol, robot monsters, ice creatures and more.

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2006-06-07 00:00:00

in emperors tomb,how can i get indy onto his zip wire


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Indiana Jones 1
( AND THE FATE OF ATLANTIS (ADVENTURE))Just press INS during the fight to defeat your enemy.Crack
search 41 74 44 31 FD FF
change 4C 5A 39 -- -- --then use UNLZEXE to decomp INDY4A.EXE
search 75 1F B8 08 00 50 B8
change 90 90 -- -- -- -- --When ask password, press any key is o.k.





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